Reinstein Recognised For Excellence In His Field

London Vision Clinic’s Professor Dan Reinstein has been selected as an expert in laser eye surgery in this year’s Tatler Doctors Guide. Produced as a supplement by the renowned magazine, the fourth edition of the ‘Doctors Guide’ recognises UK’s brightest and most respected surgeons, doctors and medical experts….

How Important Is Research When Considering Laser Eye Surgery?

Professor Dan Reinstein speaks to The Sun’s Lynsey Haywood about the importance of doing your homework and extensive research prior to considering laser eye surgery. With over 100,000 people in the UK undergoing this painless procedure every year, he indicates that the safety, effectiveness and technology of laser eye surgery has improved since it started 20 years ago….

Sky Sports Hayley McQueen Tweets Her Appreciation For The London Vision Clinic

Hayley McQueen is most famous for being one of Sky Sports News best TV presenters, reporter and RTS award winning producer. Thrilled after her laser eye surgery experience, Hayley went onto tweet about the procedure, stating that London Vision Clinics Professor Dan Reinstein was her ‘new favourite person’. Hayley also reassured fellow Twitter followers that laser eye surgery was far from being a scary experience and that the procedure was completely pain free….

I Said Goodbye To My Jam-Jar Specs And Hello To 20/20 Vision

I Said Goodbye To My Jam-Jar Specs And Hello To 20/20 Vision Corrective eye surgery is now an option for patients with very short sight thanks to a laser so accurate it could write a word on a grain of sand. Although 100,000 Britons undergo surgery for short sight every year, it is estimated that half a million others have been deemed unsuitable because their lens prescription is too high or they suffer from dry eyes, a condition that can…

Robots Can’t Wear Reading Glasses

Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels as C-3PO, the endearing robot and loyal friend of Luke Skywalker, found himself in the impossible position of not being able to see his script while wearing a costume that made it impossible to use reading glasses ….

Halloween Contact Lenses Could Come Back To Haunt You

The dangers of improper use of contact lenses are well documented. Some London Vision Clinic patients have been inspired to look into laser eye surgery as an alternative, following concerns about the damage they may be causing their eyes while wearing contact lenses for sports like swimming for instance….

Sci-fi Laser That Let Star Wars Hero Bin His Reading Specs

Sci-fi Laser That Let Star Wars Hero Bin His Reading Specs Filming a scene for Revenge Of The Sith, one of the Star Wars movies, actor Anthony Daniels found himself in an embarrassing position. As C-3PO, the endearing robot and loyal friend to Luke Skywalker, he was dressed in a skintight gold bodysuit and mask when he suddenly realised he needed his reading glasses. ‘My outfit was made from metal moulded to fit my body, with two dots in the…