The Queen’s Hair Looks Great Thanks To Laser Eye Surgery

It is often said that women tell their hairdressers everything. There must be something about having our heads massaged that leads to an overwhelming desire to confide the innermost secrets of our lives.

Whatever is going on psychologically behind the scenes of a simple cut and blow dry, there is no doubt that the relationship between stylist and client is a very special and personal one. Once we find that perfect chemistry, we women tend to be fiercely loyal customers. We cheerfully travel vast distances, following those magical scissors from salon to salon; determined to bring our tresses to only that one special person.

Miriam, my hairdresser works in southern Spain, and she has seen me through all the milestones of most of my adult life. On my last visit to Marbella, when I called for an appointment, I was told that she was on holiday and would I like one of her colleagues to do my hair instead. Despite looking like a shaggy dog and having my vision severely impaired by a fringe that almost reached my nose, I didn’t hesitate with my answer – a resounding “No!” My straggly locks will have to wait until my next trip to Spain.

With the eyes of the world on her during her first Royal Tour, happily the Duchess of Cambridge did not have to face such a dilemma. The former Kate Middleton, who looked stunning throughout her visit to Canada and the USA, had her priorities correct when picking her exceptionally small entourage. Having declined the services of either a stylist or a lady-in-waiting, she did pick her trusted hairdresser, James Price, to administer the perfect trademark glossy blow dry.

Resplendent in yellow, the Queen at the Royal Wedding (Daily Mail picture)

Although sporting a more conventional style, the Queen, is also devoted to her hairdresser. Ian Carmichael has been responsible for Her Majesty’s tonsorial elegance for 14 years. Royal etiquette advises that when meeting the Queen, one only speaks when spoken to. It is therefore especially fascinating to be granted a glimpse of a conversation between the 50 year old hairdresser and the royal client about the advantages of Laser Eye Surgery.

Ian told the Mail on Sunday that he had been suffering from the effects of prebyopia or aging eyes.

“Ten years ago I found that I couldn’t read newspaper print or restaurant menus. I never worried about doing the Queen’s hair. I could tell the total shape was good by feeling the balance of the hair on either side and, because the Queen likes to always have the same style, it was easy for me to make it look good. But my eyesight was affecting my work.”

A year ago, Ian visited an optician and was advised to wear reading glasses. He decided to buy cheap magnifying specs and wear them only when absolutely necessary.

“I never wore glasses when I was working on a client and everybody’s hair took far longer than it should have done because I would check it and check it again and again.”

However in March Ian heard about the London Vision Clinic’s Blended Vision technique.

“I was nervous before surgery, but with the royal wedding coming up, I wanted to be able to see perfectly to do the Queen’s hair.

“It was over in five minutes and I was amazed when I was asked to read the small print on a test card – I could read it perfectly.”

When Ian next saw the Queen he told her about the procedure.

“She looked at me quizzically and said: ‘But Ian, I’ve never seen you wearing glasses.’ I admitted I hadn’t wanted to wear them, and had just managed to get by… but, in any case, her hair would be even better now.”

Perhaps Ian has sewn a seed. With her inimitable sense of style, the Queen can undoubtedly carry off the look of glasses with a crown or even a hat, but how much more comfortable she would be without them – especially when reading a speech at a state occasion.