Watching The Royal Wedding Through London Vision Clinic Eyes

It might have been around on American television for years, but product placement has only recently become legal here in the UK.

This got me thinking about how this innovation might change our viewing and purchasing habits. Just because our favourite soap opera character likes a certain type of biscuit with their named brand cup of tea, will we want to rush out to the supermarket to buy the same combination?

As long as they can be editorially justified, product placements will also be allowed on films and sports programmes shown on commercial channels. However, it occurred to me that Laser Eye Surgery could never become a candidate for this new phenomenon … after all, this procedure results in what you don’t see, rather than what you do.

Once sight issues are corrected, we viewers wouldn’t notice presenters squinting at their auto cue screens, nor would we see a celebrity sporting a new fashion in spectacle frames or any pairs of unflattering readers on the top of someone’s head or bouncing on a chain around their neck.

In short – even with the latest high definition technology – we would not notice anything different about a television celebrity or actor who has had Laser Eye Surgery… unless he or she chooses to go public like London Vision Clinic patient ITV This Morning host, Phillip Schofield.

And like subtle and successful cosmetic surgery, this is the way it should be.

It is therefore noteworthy that, without realising it, many of us will be seeing what might well turn out to be the most watched television broadcast of all time through London Vision Clinic eyes.

With record breaking viewing figures of between 30 and 34 million predicted for the Royal Wedding on April 29th, those of us who select ITV coverage will enjoy the nuptials in the company of Dancing on Ice host Phillip Schofield who has been chosen to lead the network’s commentary team for the event.

Many of us remember Phillip’s original interview with Dr Dan on This Morning and how he then chose to undergo the procedure himself. The subsequent mini documentary of his journey – from initial consultation and tests, the LASIK surgery itself and right through to its wow factor results – inspired many viewers to follow his lead.