Do You Believe In Magic?

Rajan the Magic Man with young fans Julia and Oscar

From the spectacular illusions of David Copperfield to the breath taking street magic of David Blaine, magic has evolved in recent years into a thrilling form of entertainment.

To keep today’s audiences on the edge of their seats magicians must do more than produce endless silk scarves from sleeves and rabbits from hats. They must find a finale more unexpected than a flock of doves obediently perched on a chrome pole.  

It’s not that these somewhat predictable tricks aren’t skilled – because clearly they are. It’s just that we- a more sophisticated audience than our parents and grandparents – are bored with them. We have seen it all before; and probably from a distant seat in some large theatre or – even less impressively – on television.

But, watching and taking part in Close-Up Magic is another matter entirely. These shows are performed especially for us and usually with our assistance. The magician is only a few inches away from us and, even under such close scrutiny, his talent simply dazzles.

Rajan The Magic Man mingled among the guests the London Vision Clinic Summer Barbecue working his own particular form of magic which left his audience of former patients and guests open mouthed and wondering if they could believe their eyes.

“Yes, I’ve had Laser Eye Surgery at the London Vision Clinic”, he shared with my group. “But, I paid extra and had the X-ray vision option”, he added.

Obviously this was a joke … or was it? Behind his dark glasses the enigmatic Rajan really made us all wonder if he did have some special power. His sleight of hand tricks were as inexplicable as they were entertaining.

I was intrigued. I was hooked. I found myself beginning to question whether there was some extra force at work. Does “Magic” exist?

My journey to find out more would take me to the very heart of magic … The Magic Circle.