Holding Out For A Hero

It’s always feels especially satisfying to know that you are in good company; but, as with cosmetic surgery, it seems that many of the celebrities who undergo Laser Eye Surgery chose not to go public. We women –with our fragile egos and anti-aging complexes – are usually as reluctant to mention the need for unsexy reading glasses as problems with hot flushes (also known as “flashes” in the US) So we are not likely to shout from the rooftops our joy at finding a safe procedure to get rid of them (the bifocals, not the menopausal symptoms). After all there are some things which should remain private.

Thank goodness that Bonnie Tyler- the eternally hot, rock chick – is made of sterner stuff.

In a recent article in the health pages of the Daily Mail she confided that before her visit to the London Vision Clinic, her eyesight had been so poor that it was affecting her career – she couldn’t read lyrics or put on stage make up without the help of a magnifying glass. She was, in her own words, “peering at everything like an old lady”. Not a good look when the rest of you appears twenty years younger than your 57 years and you are still belting out “It’s  Heartache” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on world tours (even if it gives a whole new meaning to my personal favorite “Lost in France”).

So Bonnie Tyler is no longer “Holding Out for a Hero” as that role has undoubtedly been taken by Dr Dan who has worked his PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision magic on the rock star correcting her long sightedness with his pioneering 20 minute operation.

I was also interested to note that Bonnie Tyler lives in Portugal and is – like myself- part of the growing number of patients from abroad who chose to travel to the London Vision Clinic to have their poor eye sight corrected.

Image Source: wordpress.com