Isabella’s Big Day – Her Laser Eye Surgery

Isabella shares her big day – the day when Laser Eye surgeon Glenn Carp performs her Laser Eye Surgery at the London Vision Clinic. Isabella’s surgery is very special because she is short-sighted (myopia), has a lot of astigmatism and her prescription is very high (-9).

Glenn Carp talks Isabella through each step during her surgery and shortly after the surgery, Isabella can see the time without glasses or contact lenses.

Isabella’s Recalls The Day Of The Surgery

Isabella: Going back to the day when I had the surgery everyone was wonderful. They were all very calming, they were all very helpful. The actual operation once you sort of lay down and you were underneath the machine, I was fine. Glenn was very good at talking me through, taking me through every step, step by step… I’m feeling okay.

Glenn Carp: That’s good, that’s good. Well it is normal to be nervous.

Isabella: Yeah.

Glenn Carp: Everybody is a little bit nervous okay, in the beginning.

Isabella: Okay.

Glenn Carp: Even I was nervous when I had my surgery done. So, it is quite normal, but what we’re going today is we’re going to take things nice and slow okay. We’re not going to rush anything so if you’re feeling, at any stage, a little bit apprehensive …

Isabella: Run out the door?

Glenn Carp: Well, that’s one way of doing it, but certainly it shouldn’t be necessary.

Isabella: No, okay.

Glenn Carp: Okay, no you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine.

During Isabella’s Laser Eye Surgery

Isabella: He talked me through step by step because you’re under a big machine which by the time I was in the room, I was beginning to feel a bit nervous.

Glenn Carp: Excellent, are you alright there?

Isabella: Yeah.

Glenn Carp: That wasn’t too bad was it?

Isabella: Not too bad at all. He told me what was going to happen next – always. What was going to move, what this noise was, what that noise was, where the lights were going to come from. So, there were no surprises, which helped me stay calm and not have a bad experience I guess is what he was trying to do and he definitely succeeded.

Glenn Carp: And I will just centre it up nicely for you there. That’s perfect. See the little light there in front of you?

Isabella: The worse bit is when they put this thing and it comes down and sits on your eye because they have to open your eye right up, but it was over in one second anyway. And, it was only scary when it was coming towards my eyes I thought, I wasn’t sure when it was going to stop, but then it moves back.

Glenn Carp: Excellent, very good, lovely.

After Isabella’s Laser Eye Surgery

Isabella: But I can see!

Isabella: When I first was told that I could open my eyes I’m not sure I believed it, I was very bewildered.

Glenn Carp: Isabella, you can sit up. Swing your feet over towards my side and you will see there’s a little ledge there, okay, and you can open your eyes now.

Isabella: Can I?

Glenn Carp: Yes, you can, you can with pleasure. Now, it is going to be very, very hazy.

Isabella: But I can see!

Glenn Carp: Well of course!

Isabella: I could see the clock. It was still a little bit hazy, but I could see the clock. Wow! Thank you!

Glenn Carp: It’s a pleasure.

Isabella: Thank you so much. Oh my God! I don’t believe it still. Why is the cat riding a shark? Isabella: Oh wow! Are you sure you haven’t put lenses in my eyes? … and the people around me I could see their faces. Genius absolute genius! Oh wow!

Glenn Carp: Don’t rate them yet.

Isabella: No, no, lets hold back.

A very, very strange experience which I don’t think anyone could appreciate if they haven’t had bad sight before.

Is that the time, it’s twenty five past one!

Glenn Carp: You can tell the time, that’s right.

Isabella: Thank you so much.

Glenn Carp: It’s a pleasure.

Isabella: Thank you so much. Oh my God! I don’t believe it still. Why is the cat riding a shark?