Jenny Francis And Her London Vision Clinic Experience


Jenny Francis of The Sun reports on her life changing Laser Eye Surgery and overall positive experience at London Vision Clinic. For Francis, corrective Laser Eye Surgery was a life changing experience.

Francis openly admits that her nerves were completely on edge the morning of the procedure, a normal and anticipated feeling. She showed up, signed some paperwork, had one last cornea scan, and arranged a taxi for transportation home. Prior to surgery, she was offered a cup of tea and a nurse helped her to practice applying eye drops, and walked her through all of the different eye drops that she would need to use during the recovery process.

But for Francis the best part of the day was the complementary pre-surgery neck and shoulder massage to help her relax pre-procedure. During the procedure her eyes were numbed and one eye was taped shut. The other one was fixed open and the process amounted to less than five minutes per eye. Professor Reinstein reassuringly walked her through every step. She remarks that unlike her movie induced fears, there were no scary sounds.

The cab ride home was stop and go as the driver had to pause every fifteen minutes to administer her eye drops. For five hours, she rested keeping her eyes closed and opening them only to administer eye drops. Later that evening she opened her eyes properly for the first time, shocked to see well without glasses for the first time in her life.

When she went back the next day, Professor Reinstein was happy to report that her eyes were healing perfectly and her vision was actually better than 20/20. Francis ditched her glasses on the way out the door, and didn’t come back for five months, until she returned to just confirm that all had healed with perfection.

London Vision Clinic prides itself on its superior medical staff and personal attention to patients. Francis’ experience is the kind of content and comfortable experience that London Vision Clinic strives for with every one of their patients.