Kate’s Specs Appeal

A few weeks ago I threatened to open my cuttings folder and share some of the sight-related news stories that have recently made the headlines: but once again I became side-tracked into writing about other topics instead.

Then I received another gentle nudge – and not this time from the Olympic one-eyed mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville.

Their launch was somewhat overshadowed by the World Cup hype, however I have to admit that their respective charm is growing on me. I am sure that these characters and the stories they illustrate, will now be increasingly in evidence … I predict that their appeal will grow as Olympic fever takes over.

The reminder this time came in the form of a picture of BBC TV presenter Kate Silverton looking extremely glamorous at some society function. It took a moment to register that it was not just the evening dress that signified a change of image… it was her lack of specs.

On our morning TV screens, peering at an autocue through her ever-present glasses, she had always enjoyed an attractive but reassuringly sensible appeal. Despite her occasional lapses in taste regarding her dress choices (some had such garish patterns that viewers complained of nausea), she always looked “pretty good” in a bookish/academic sort of way.

But without her signature specs (she owns a reported 18 pairs all designed by Oliver Goldsmith at a cost of £125 a shot) out on the town and reading the 10.15pm news bulletin last week she cut an altogether less severe and more approachable appearance.

Looking at her picture in the Daily Mail my first thought was: ‘at last she’s had it done!’

I am guessing that most London Vision Clinic patients had the same thought – that Kate had had her eye’s lasered and was now – like the rest of us – enjoying great eyesight.

But – alas – no!

I read to the end of the short story only to discover that it was merely a decision to change her image by wearing contact lenses for a while.

Come on Kate – catch up with the rest of us please. I am sure we’d all like to see your Oliver Goldsmith collection in the charity jar in reception at 138 Harley Street.