Laser Eye Surgery: Man Loses 28″ From His Waistline

Image of Michael weight loss

This article is accredited to Hugh Wilson and originally appeared on MSN News. It can be found here.

A British man has achieved massive weight loss. Not after stomach stapling or cellulite removal, but after an operation – on his eyes.

Michael McCarthy, 30, a film and TV illustrator from Essex, slimmed down from a size 60 waist to a size 32.

When Michael McCarthy posted an old photo of himself on Facebook, even his friends didn’t recognise him.

He describes how the operation transformed him from being a shy and overweight person into a confident – and slim – young man…

Michael’s prescription was -13 in one eye and -12.75 in the other, requiring him to wear bottle-thick glasses that left him unable to take part in sport.

His poor eyesight limited his ability to lead a more active lifestyle, resulting in Michael becoming overweight.

Michael said: “I work as an illustrator but without my glasses all I could see in a room was blobs.

“I had to wear glasses all the time. I found it difficult to play football so I chose to sit out from fear of my glasses being smashed.”

After undergoing Laser Eye Surgery, which was performed by Professor Dan Reinstein, a specialist in corrective eye surgery for patients with high, severe prescriptions, at the London Vision Clinic, Michael says he feels like a new man.

“It’s like I am reborn. When I posted an old photo of myself on Facebook out of the blue everybody was amazed by the difference.

“The operation was very quick. It took only about five or six minutes in total. When I opened my eyes it felt like I was in a dream because my brain was saying ‘This isn’t happening – I am seeing!’

“It was as if all of a sudden I was seeing everything in widescreen. By the evening my vision was in HD.”

In Michael’s case the results were instant and dramatic: he now has near-perfect vision with a prescription of just -0.25.

Since his vision was corrected, Michael says he has also noticed the effects in his self-esteem, giving him newfound confidence to date women.

“The op has now not only given me more confidence, but it has enabled me to be more active. It has propelled me a quantum leap forward.

“It’s opened up a whole new world of sport. I have been doing swimming, weightlifting and cardio exercises. I have never done that before.

“Not only has it opened me up to a world of sport but it’s made me see my future much more clearly: where I was an aspiring illustrator, I now see the bigger picture and have begun a new work life as a film director and hope to make mine and other people’s films, to become a great success.

“Everyone is approaching me more and it is easier to chat up women now that I can see them!”