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Night Vision Simulation

What is it?

Carrying out a night vision simulation test gives your surgeon an idea of how your vision may be affected by disturbances such as glare at night. This allows them to create a customised treatment plan to more effectively maintain or enhance your post-surgery night vision.

How Does it Work?

A Night Vision Simulation will show you a simulated selection of common night vision disturbances, such as halos and ‘starbursts’ around light-emitting objects. Such vision disturbances often appear around bright lights such as oncoming car headlights and street lights.

The simulator then varies the size and brightness of these disturbances to imitate how you see at night.

What are the Benefits?

The data collected through Night Vision Simulation helps to give your surgeon subjective feedback which can be matched up with the objective measurements that have been taken of your wavefront, refraction, and topography. Altogether, this provides your surgeon with the information needed to create a personalised treatment plan.

What will I feel?

Night Vision Simulation does not require an instrument to make direct contact with your eye. Therefore, you won’t feel anything during this step of the screening/aftercare process.