Wavefront guided treatment

What is it for?

Trying to improve on the optical imperfections of your eye beyond that which glasses alone can correct.

Wavefront Guided treatments usually result in better outcomes.

However, it is worth noting that this is still an evolving field – in fact, some Wavefront Guided treatments actually are actually less effective than the standard treatments on the same laser.

Asking your surgeon to provide data on the relative benefit of Wavefront Guided treatment is recommended, as some clinics will charge extra for this.

What actually happens?

The measurement obtained from Wavefront Aberrometry is combined with the prescription in your glasses, using software that delivers a customised shape change to the cornea.

How does it feel?

Please see excimer laser section.

How does it benefit you?

A small percentage of patients may benefit from a Wavefront Guided treatment.

In general, most patients would benefit more from a wavefront optimised or customised tissue removal ablation profile (the shape of tissue removed by the laser).