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Wavefront-Guided Treatment

What is it?

Wavefront-guided treatment is sometimes employed to improve the imperfections of the eye that cannot be corrected by glasses alone. In some cases, this form of treatment can achieve better results.

However, it is not always necessary and – as this field is still evolving – some Wavefront-Guided treatments can even be less effective than standard treatments using the same laser. You should ask your surgeon about the potential relative benefits of Wavefront-Guided treatment in your particular case as some clinics will charge extra for this.

How Does it Work?

The information collected during the Wavefront Aberrometry is combined with your glasses prescription using software that determines the particular changes needed to effectively reshape the cornea.

This information can then be used in the procedure, giving you a customised treatment that aims to treat refractive errors and other imperfections that cannot be corrected by glasses alone.

What are the Benefits?

While some patients may benefit from a Wavefront Guided treatment, in general, most patients would benefit more from a wavefront optimised or customised tissue removal ablation profile (the shape of tissue removed by the laser).

What will I feel?

Please see the Excimer Laser section.