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Customised Wavefront-Optimised Treatment

What is it?

Customised Wavefront-Optimised Treatment is designed to tailor Laser Eye Surgery treatment to your eyes to account for more than just the prescription in your glasses. This kind of treatment goes beyond “generic” Wavefront-Guided treatments.

This planning software enables the highest level of customisation for the treatment of each individual eye. This is based on a number of measurements, including night vision simulations, contrast sensitivity, and other corneal and ocular parameters.

How Does it Work?

This approach to Laser Eye Surgery enables your surgeon to provide a more tailored treatment that can address the imperfections that cannot be corrected by glasses alone. Using specialised software, your treatment plan is customised to achieve even better results than can be obtained by simple Wavefront-Guided treatment.

Information gathered from various tests and assessments is used to create your Customised Wavefront-Optimised Treatment plan.

What are the Benefits?

This customised treatment improves your chance of achieving the very best results with Laser Eye Surgery. In addition to correcting your prescription, it can be used to reduce your risk of night disturbances such as glare, halos and starbursts and maximise the depth of focus achievable with PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision.

What will I feel?

Please see the Excimer Laser section.