Eye News: Laser Technology 50th Anniversary; Continues To Reap Benefits In The Sports World

Glass ball made in Verrerie of Brehat. Laser technology inscribes glass without breaking it.

Physics Is Fabulous, Says UW’s ‘Laser Jock’

In 50 short years, the laser has beamed its way into thousands of applications that have transformed our modern world.  From its uses in manufacturing to telecommunications to medicine, it’s clearly one of the most important inventions of the last century.

It seems to be hard to attract young people into physics, the field that gave birth to lasers.  Donna Strickland, the University of Waterloo’s self described “laser jock” instead of laser geek, says “we ought to put some serious thought into this as humble laser turns 50.”  Read more.

Now, Laser Technology Inscribes On Glass Without Breaking It.

The ‘femtosecond’ laser, one of the lasers used in eye surgery, beams energy through the surface of the eye to make incisions below.  It can now be used to label syringes, to track medicine from point of production and track other luxury products to protect from high-profile brands from counterfeiting. Read more.

Noh Out To Push Merit Claims

Korea’s Noh Seung-yul is looking for a big performance at the Hong Kong Open to help seal the maiden Asian Tour Order of Merit title.  It is a critical tournament as it be his last event in Asia, he is scheduled for Laser Eye Surgery to be ready for 2011… read more about Noh.

Road Warrior Makes Montreal Stop, With Normal Vision And Hair

Former UFC fighter Jonathan Goulet (The Road Warrior) has made changes with his hair and vision.  He is done with his designer buzzed hair cuts with dyed-in messages.  “I decided to stop doing that and look more natural”.  The veteran of 35 fights has also made another change to really help his career.  He is used to wearing contact lenses for extreme near-sightedness, which became a problem and caused Marcus Davis to defeat him by the second-round TKO.  “I lost my contacts during the first round, so the second round, I didn’t see the punches coming” Goulet said.  Immediately after, he had Laser Eye Surgery so that he would never have to worry about that again!

Penn State coach Joe Paterno has 401 career wins.

Paterno’s Return Pleases Gator Bowl Officials

In United States College Football, Joe Paterno plans to return to 2011 for his 46th season as Penn State’s coach.  Paterno, the winningest coach in Division I history with 401 victories, said his health is no longer an issue.  He is coming back after leg surgery and his replacement.  He has also had Laser Eye Surgery this past offseason.  Read more about Paterno’s return.