Laura’s journey to 20/20 vision

Back in 2016, Laura Dean-Osgood decided to take the plunge and begin her journey to 20/20 vision, with the help of Laser Eye Surgery. Laura’s story – documented in two articles in Reader’s Digest – began with a consultation at London Vision Clinic.

Having worn contact lenses consistently since the age of 16, Laura developed a potentially sight-threatening eye ulcer. The next 16 years involved regular visits to Moorfields eye hospital A&E department due to contact lens infections and other complications. As a result, Laura began to use her contact lenses sparingly, wearing glasses for the majority of the time.

Until she decided, enough was enough.

The Run-Up to Laser Eye Surgery

In part one of Reader’s Digest’s article, Laura explains how she decided on London Vision Clinic:

“I wanted to know I was in good hands—the best—so I booked an initial consultation at London Vision Clinic, headed up by one of the world’s leading refractive surgeons, and whose reputation precedes”, Laura explains.

Due to a condition which caused her eyes to become dry and irritated, Laura was prescribed a course of eye drops and compresses prior to surgery. Once her eyes were considered ready for treatment, Laura underwent ReLEx SMILE – an innovative ‘keyhole’ procedure.

While patients with dry eyes may previously have been told they are unsuitable for Laser Eye Surgery, SMILE changed everything.

The Procedure and Results

In part two, Laura describes the day of and the first few days following the procedure. On arrival at the clinic, she was given a run-through of the post-surgery routine and prepped for surgery. Laura describes her experience of the procedure:

“I did feel some pushing on my eye, but absolutely no pain at all. When he was done with the first eye, he told me it was 100% perfect.

“After four hours of resting (with 15-minutes intervals to pop lubricating drops in), I was able to watch TV—without my glasses!”

A month on, Laura was still counting the ways undergoing refractive surgery at London Vision Clinic has changed her life for the better:

“Now, when I wake up, I just get up—no more reaching for my glasses, hunting for them with blurry eyes,” she writes. “I’ll probably never forget the morning after surgery: waking up and looking around and seeing everything very almost perfectly.”

Read the full two-part article here: