Laura’s journey to 20/20 vision

Although getting laser eye surgery feels like a huge decision, it’s a simple procedure and one that can change your life in countless ways. In this two-part article in Reader’s Digest, you can follow Laura Dean-Osgood’s journey from short-sightedness, dry eyes and even a sight-threatening eye ulcer to 20/20 vision.

While part one covers Laura’s initial consultation, which revealed that she had a condition that dries her eyes out, and the preparation she had to do pre-surgery, part two takes you through the day of her ReLex SMILE procedure and the first few days of her life post-surgery.

A month on, she’s still counting the ways undergoing refractive surgery at London Vision Clinic has changed her life for the better. “Now, when I wake up, I just get up—no more reaching for my glasses, hunting for them with blurry eyes,” she writes. “I’ll probably never forget the morning after surgery: waking up and looking around and seeing everything very almost perfectly.”

Read the full two-part article here:

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Laura’s journey to 20/20 vision