Tim, Medical Student And Laser Technician Cements His Confidence In The Process By Undergoing LASIK At The London Vision Clinic

Previous Clinical Technician at the clinic, Eleanor Cairns authored this article in 2011.

It is often said that doctors make the worst patients, but part-time LVC Laser Technician and Medical Student Tim Buick might have something to say about that! He recently underwent LASIK here with Glenn Carp after wearing glasses from the age of eight and I’m sure he would insist he was a model patient.

Tim had never considered LASIK before joining the clinic, but his experience of the procedure and seeing so many patients thrilled with their results soon won him over. Something I personally have found since working at LVC is that every person you meet seems to be instantly interested in what it is we do here and has at least a dozen questions. For Tim, answering this frequent barrage of questions from friends and family, cemented his confidence in the process and it was only a matter of time before he joined the ranks of the laser eye crowd.

Tim, At London Vision Clinic, Takes The Opportunity To Change His Life For The Better.

With a natural curiosity, perhaps made even stronger by his choice of profession, Tim found the whole process profoundly interesting. Always keen to look at his own files, he was amazed at how much information we were able to gather during the pre-operative sessions despite everything being so non-invasive. However, despite all of this, he of course, still had some of those “little niggles” that everyone experiences with an elective procedure such as LASIK.

“I found that although I had huge confidence in the surgeons and the procedure, I still found myself fixating on a few possible negatives such as dry eyes and night vision problems. I had to really focus on not getting too pre-occupied with this as it would always give me an excuse not to go ahead…I had to make a conscious effort to concentrate on all the benefits instead”

After some deliberation, Tim tells me he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity; the changes to his life for the better far outweighed those minor risks. Looking back he sees it as an easy choice but at the time there are still always things in the back of your mind that need to be reconciled before treatment, even if you personally know the person you’re entrusting your eyesight too!

Tim’s Experience Of The Laser Eye Surgery Procedure Itself.

During the procedure itself, it still came as a shock to Tim that after seeing so many treatments the surgery seemed to fly by.

“It went sted, and even things that make some patients feel uncomfortao much quicker than I expecble I hardly noticed. I was expecting to dislike my eye being held open, but it was nothing at all, a really nice surprise…inwardly I was concentrating so hard on what Glenn was saying that I wasn’t even taking in everything going on around me, then it was all over.”

Author of article: Eleanor Cairns – Ex-Clinical Technician at London Vision Clinic

It was only towards the end of the procedure that Tim really found himself focusing on what was actually happening to him and it was this part that really blew him away.

“My prescription was about -7.00, so pretty blurry, but once the lasering was done and the flap was put back down all of a sudden I could see around the laser, even before everything was finished my vision was different, it was quite something…a few days later I had already begun to forget about the procedure and from force of habit kept thinking I needed to take my contact lenses out, it’s strange that something that makes such a difference to your life can be so easy that you almost instantly forget about it”. It’s a life changing experience with hardly any effort.