Overcoming Hyperopia – The Solution to Long-sightedness

Long-sightedness, also known as hyperopia, is a common eye condition that can in fact easily be permanently treated. This refractive error is caused by a misshaped cornea which causes one to see a blurred image and most people who suffer from long-sightedness have to rely on glasses or contact lenses. Treatment to permanently correct the effects of hyperopia comes in the form of laser eye surgery – LASIK or LASEK eye surgery.

Undergoing laser eye surgery to correct your long-sightedness can have profound effects on everyday life as you’ll no longer have to depend on glasses or contact lenses and their associated costs.

The Differences between Hyperopia and Presbyopia

Although similar in terms of their effects, hyperopia differs from presbyopia, a condition with which it is often confused. Presbyopia is a condition that is not selective as it is directly attributed to the natural ageing process – eventually, most people will get it. Contributing to this natural deterioration of sight is the decrease in flexibility of the eye’s natural lens and the changing proteins in our eyes which make the lens harder and less elastic over time. People who suffer from presbyopia usually have to end up relying on corrective eyewear – in the form of glasses or contact lenses. Long-sightedness, on the other hand is attributed directly to the shape of the cornea which is slightly flatter and shorter than it should be. It is this shape that causes the path of light that travels through the eye to fall on a point just behind the retina, creating a blurred image at a distance. This means that reading signs at distance, watching sports matches or reading, will require glasses or lenses to correct long-sightedness. Hyperopia can affect both near and distance vision, but with laser eye treatment, these symptoms can be eradicated, negating the need for corrective eyewear and thus giving you a newfound sense of freedom.

The Ultimate Hyperopia Treatment: Laser Eye Surgery

Hyperopia can affect both near and distance vision – depending on how early it is detected and corrected – but with laser eye treatment, these symptoms can be completely eradicated. Both LASEK and LASIK eye surgery are ideal for the correction of hyperopia. While the concept of laser eye surgery may seem daunting to those who aren’t familiar with the process, it is in fact, a remarkable safe, virtually pain-free procedure. If you’re considering surgery to correct long-sightedness, be sure to take the time to do some research beforehand – it’s a life altering procedure that requires serious consideration and a surgeon you can trust. Once you have found a reputable surgeon, you’ll have to undergo a screening process to find out whether you are suitable for laser eye surgery. Establishing a relationship with your surgeon from your first meeting will help to quell your nerves and assist you in understanding the hyperopia correction process. The actual laser eye procedure itself takes only minutes, while the pre-op preparation for the surgery takes between 30 minutes to an hour.

The Benefits of Hyperopia Treatment

Almost immediately after laser eye surgery to correct hyperopia, you’ll see the difference – literally. The constraints and costs of glasses and contacts will be a thing of the past as will the eye strain and headaches you once experienced. Your new, sharper vision will allow you to get involved in activities that you may have not been able to in the past. You can take your book with you to the beach, go and watch the children’s football matches or jump into the car without having to remember your glasses or contacts.

Dramatically improved vision also tends to heighten self-esteem, especially in social situations. You’ll also have the benefit of saving time and money on eye wear – no more last minute rushing to the optometrist to buy a pair of specs, no more dishing out cash for expensive contact solutions and no more restrictive travel woes of forgetting “your eyes” at home.

Correct Long-sightedness

The London Vision Clinic consistently achieves exceptional results with our long-sighted patients. If you would like to correct your long-sightedness, contact the London Vision Clinic to set up a screening for this life changing process. Realise the benefits of vastly improved vision though hyperopia correction.