Meeting Paul

Paul Ryb walked purposefully across the reception area of the RBS London head office towards me. As I watched him approach, navigating the hectic lobby and pre lunchtime queues of people forming either side of the high speed revolving doors, I thought: ‘This can’t be him’.

“I know; I am not what you expected. Everyone is surprised when they meet me for the first time”. As he shakes my hand his attitude is warm and friendly, immediately dispelling any potential awkwardness.

“I have got some distinctive yellow and orange tinted glasses that help with the glare. I wear them for computer work but I don’t like putting them on to go out – they make me look like Bono or some aging rock star”, he explains.

Without the glasses, Paul looks no different from the other City traders milling around; if anything, he appears somewhat less stressed and preoccupied than many of his colleagues.

It is not until we sit down at a nearby coffee shop and, alongside his phone, he also places two thick magnifying glasses on the table, that I am reminded that Paul is registered blind.

I was there to interview Paul for the Independent newspaper and was so taken by his positive attitude and his inspirational personality, that I thought it would be interesting to share part of his story with readers of the London Vision Clinic blog.

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