Professor Dan Reinstein On Life, Science and Money

Dan Reinstein surgeon

Professor Dan Reinstein has played a key role in the development of corrective eye surgery when he discovered a way to take pictures of the many layers of the human eye and realised its potential surgical application. He then trained as an eye surgeon at Mount Sinai hospital in Manhattan and continued working around the clock to develop the eye scanner.

Since then he has gained global recognition as one of the leading eye surgeons in the world and in a recent interview with The Sunday Times, Professor Dan Reinstein openly answered personal questions about life, science, money, and how he got to where he is today.

It may surprise you to know that this saxophone enthusiast and world renowned eye surgeon is a generally laid back guy, with side hobbies, an easy going manner, and a stress free eye on the future. He admits that he feels he is too young to be saving, but has also managed to avoid debt outside of a mortgage on his house in Little Venice, West London.

His grateful attitude and laidback nature doubtlessly have roots in his past and time spent as a hard up medical student. Like many college students, he did a spell as a poor and starving college student. When he first moved to America, he had problems finding opportunities in the universities despite having studied at Cambridge. He agreed to work for free doing research at Cornell University in order to build his resume. He recalls many walks home to save $1.25 and eating a lot of soup.

While his top priority investment is his children and his business, he does have one extravagant financial indulgence – he collects rare handmade saxophones.

While the saxophones are a splurge, they are a guiltless indulgence as they appreciate with time. Professor Reinstein brings his easy going attitude into the clinic, where he makes patients feel comfortable and confident with their decision. Patients who are considering Laser Eye Surgery in a relaxed professional environment should consider contacting London Vision Clinic for a non-obligatory consultation with one of our top medical professionals.

To find out more, read about Professor Reinstein on the Sunday Times.