Reinstein Recognised For Excellence In His Field

Dan Reinstein surgeon

London Vision Clinic’s Professor Dan Reinstein has been selected as an expert in Laser Eye Surgery in this year’s Tatler Doctors Guide.   Produced as a supplement by the renowned magazine, the fourth edition of the ‘Doctors Guide’ recognises UK’s brightest and most respected surgeons, doctors and medical experts.

The supplement, separated into 34 categories, ranging from allergies to weight loss, aims to simplify the vast list of medical professionals and provide readers the opportunity to find UK’s leading and most experienced consultants. Editor of the guide, Jessie Hewitson indicated that, “to do this, we assembled a panel of respected GPs and top-of-their-tree surgeons and physicians” and asked them “which doctors, in short, they ask to treat their own families.” Furthermore, in order obtain a sense of who these consultants are, she has also included an anecdote of what they enjoy doing in their spare time.

Our Jazz Musician Professor Reinstein Made The Cut.

Choosing a medical professional for a life changing surgery such as Laser Eye Surgery can be a tough call for patients. It isn’t a decision that is made lightly since an error of selection on the part of the patient can result in grave disappointment. Prof. Reinstein has been selected for excellence in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Furthermore, since all of London Vision Clinic’s surgeons specialize and dedicate themselves specifically to Laser Surgery, this places Reinstein not just at the top of his field, but at the apex of a very succinct specialisation.

London Vision Clinic already has an outstanding reputation in the field of Laser Eye Surgery. Regardless, patients need to know that they are in safe, reliable, professional hands. Choosing the right surgeon for any procedure can be a very long process. This may start with late nights researching on Google and may even develop into booking initial consultations with various clinics to see if they are the right ‘fit’ for you. Reinstein’s standing on this list will hopefully provide potential laser surgery candidates with the kind of reassurance that helps make their decision an easier one.

Tatler Doctors Guide 2013

Tatler Doctors Guide 2013 is available as a supplement with the February issue of Tatler.