Essential Advice to Maintain Your Eye Health

Essential Advice on Eye Health

Last year, National Eye Health Week reminded us all of the importance of regular eye tests. It’s recommended we have our eyes examined at least every two years, not only to ensure they’re healthy, but also to check for changes to our current prescriptions….

Understanding Your Eyes: What they say about your health

Understanding Your Eyes: What they say about your health As the windows through which we see the world – whether it be to admire beautiful landscapes, binge-watch the latest must-see TV show, or read articles like this one – our eyes are incredibly powerful and sophisticated. With more than 2 million working parts, our eyes are among the most complex structures on the planet. They allow us to convert light into a clear view of the world around us. But…

Top Tips: How to Eat Seasonally For Better Vision

Here at London Vision Clinic, as much as we love to see you, we encourage you to keep your eyes healthy by eating healthily for get a better vision. Your diet and choosing to eat the right foods can prevent long term eye problems later in life. In season vegetables can be incorporated into fun and inventive recipes that are both healthily delicious and good for your vision!…

10 Amazing Eye Facts That Will Change How You See The World

Eyes are complex organs, so it’s really important to take care of them with the best specialists. Some scientists have even called them a wonder of nature. How they enable you to see is a fascinating biological process. We’d like to share with you 10 fascinating facts about your eyes that you might not know….

What Effects Can City Life Have On Your Eyes?

What Effects Can City Life Have On Your Eyes? Living and working in a big city like London can be great. The transport links are convenient, the food options are outstanding, and the nightlife is exceptional. But with all these benefits, city life can undoubtedly take a toll on our eyes. From air pollution and lighting to crowded underground stations and bright screens, our eyes face a barrage of stimuli, yet we barely even blink at the thought of long-term…

What If My Optometrist Finds A Problem I Didn’t Know About?

People avoid doctors for many reasons. Some find appointments difficult to pack into a busy schedule, some are unwilling to open up to a doctor, or worried about perceived ‘time wasting’, and many even fear that being amongst sick people in the doctor’s waiting room will result in contamination! However, something that is perhaps discussed less often is the common fear that a doctor may find a problem that is bigger than what the appointment was initially booked for. This fear is, for many people, a reason to avoid regular visits to the GP, dentist, or optometrist….

Is it Time to Have Laser Eye Surgery? Why Wait?

Is it Time to Have Laser Eye Surgery? Why Wait? Most people with refractive errors such as short-sightedness, long-sightedness, and astigmatism, have spent years dealing with the shortcomings of glasses and contact lenses. They may simply have gotten used to the cons of these common visual aids or have perhaps been putting off seriously considering Laser Eye Surgery. But when it comes down to it: what’s the point in waiting? We get it; going ahead with Laser Eye Surgery is…

Guide to Contact Lenses, Glasses, and Laser Eye Surgery

Guide to Contact Lenses, Glasses, and Laser Eye Surgery Updated for 2024 You might think that the choice between contact lenses, glasses, and Laser Eye Surgery is pretty straightforward. But your opinion can vary based on a wide range of factors. Depending on who you ask, the news articles you read, and even your stage in life, your opinions on Laser Eye Surgery and how it compares with glasses and contact lenses can vary significantly. So, here at London Vision…

How Could Diabetes Affect Your Eyes?

How Could Diabetes Affect Your Eyes? Our eyes are endlessly impressive organs, but the fact is, they don’t exist on their own. They are just one part of a complex system consisting of various nerves, neurons, and other organs, including the brain. And they are also linked to other parts and systems in the body. This means that, when something isn’t quite right in another part of your body, your eyes may also be affected. One such condition is diabetes….