3 Reasons Laser Eye Surgery Might Not Be For You

Three Reasons Laser Eye Surgery might not be for you Laser Eye Surgery has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past decade, so much so that today, here at London Vision Clinic, we are proud to say that we can treat 98% of the patients who contact us. However, even though Laser Eye Surgery can now treat conditions which were once believed to be untreatable—such as very high prescriptions and ageing eyes—there are still certain instances in which Laser…

Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery if I Have A Detached Retina? [video]

The retina is a structure at the back of the eye. When the light is focused by the cornea and the lens in the center of the eye, it is focused to reach the retina at the back of the eye. If the retina is detached, it is now sitting in an incorrect position to absorb the light and the ability to absorb light may also be depressed. Patients who have a form of retinal detachment are advised to seek an opinion from a retinal expert in order to have their retinal detachment addressed first and should that be successful, they may then become candidates for laser eye surgery….

Can Laser Eye Surgery Treat Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)? [video]

Can Laser Eye Surgery treat Amblyopia (lazy eye)? It’s among the most common questions asked at Laser Eye Surgery clinics: Are you able to treat and improve amblyopia? Or as it’s more commonly known as, lazy eye. Amblyopia is the most common cause of visual impairment among children, affecting around two to three in every hundred. Unless caught early and treated during childhood, the condition persists into adulthood. This is often difficult, and thus amblyopia is the most common monocular…

Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery if I Have Thin Corneas? [video]

Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery if I Have Thin Corneas? It’s the dreaded words no one wants to hear when they’re fed up of glasses, sick of contact lenses, and excited at the possibility of Laser Eye Surgery: “You’re not a good candidate.”  If you have thin corneas, you’ve likely already heard or read this a number of times. In the average clinic, having thin corneas is considered a contraindication to Laser Eye Surgery and often a hard and…

About Suitability

Common Questions About Suitability What is 20/20 or 6/6 vision? In the most common visual acuity test, an optometrist begins by placing an eye chart at a standard distance of twenty feet, or six metres away from you, depending on the customary unit of measure. At this distance, the symbols on the line representing “normal” acuity on the eye chart, designated 20/20, is the smallest line that a person with normal acuity can read at a distance of twenty feet….