Is there an Age Limit for Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser Eye Surgery has become increasingly accessible – and effective – over the last two decades. In fact, thanks to technological advancement, more people are eligible for treatment than ever before. But there are some factors that may affect a patient’s suitability for Laser Eye Surgery, including their age.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how age can affect both our eyes and, as a result, our suitability for treatment. So, let’s get into it: Is there an age limit for Laser Eye Surgery?

How our eyes change through the years

As we develop from infant to child, from teenager to adult, our bodies experience a whole world of changes. What many people don’t realise, however, is that our eyes are also changing during these phases of our lives.

Hormonal changes can have a significant impact on prescription as we reach adulthood and at certain other times (such as during pregnancy and breastfeeding). Therefore, age can sometimes play a role in your suitability for Laser Eye Surgery.

Is there a Lower Age Limit for Laser Eye Surgery?

When determining an individual’s suitability for Laser Eye Surgery, a number of things are taken into account. One important factor that should always be considered is the stability of your prescription.

Having a stable prescription is a pre-requisite for Laser Eye Surgery treatment as this allows your surgeon to make an informed and effective personalised treatment plan for every patient. For this reason, we are unable to treat people below the age of 18 (and sometimes older), as prescriptions can continue to change as a result of hormonal variations.

As a rule, we require our patients to have had a stable prescription for at least one year to be approved for Laser Eye Surgery treatment.

Is there an Upper Age Limit for Laser Eye Surgery?

When it comes to the other end of the spectrum, the good news is that there is no upper age limit for Laser Eye Surgery!

Once your prescription is stable and you meet the other eligibility criteria for treatment, including being in good health and having healthy eyes, we believe it is safe to have Laser Eye Surgery at any age.

In the video below, Dr Glenn Carp explains why there is no upper age limit for Laser Eye Surgery.

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“At present we believe there is no upper age limit for Laser Eye Surgery providing that the eye is healthy and that the patient is healthy.

“So, all patients at the London Vision Clinic undergo extensive ocular review.  We look at both the front and back of the eye from a Lasik perspective as well as eye health and should the eye be healthy and the patient shows an obvious benefit in testing to have Laser Eye Surgery, then certainly they can be a candidate at any age.”

Laser Eye Surgery can now even correct presbyopia, thanks to the introduction of PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision. This revolutionary treatment was introduced in the UK by London Vision Clinic in 2005 and has since helped many people say “Goodbye!” to reading glasses.

Suitability Explained Further…

At London Vision, we understand the importance of your initial consultation. It is during this appointment that we will gather all the information regarding your eyes and prescription necessary to create your personalised treatment plan. As such, we make sure that we learn as much as possible about your eyes. and health.

Learn more about The Importance of A Rigorous Screening Program when determining your suitability for Laser Eye Surgery.

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