Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery if I Have Thin Corneas?

It’s the dreaded words no one wants to hear when they’re fed up of glasses, sick of contact lenses, and excited at the possibility of Laser Eye Surgery:

“You’re not a good candidate.”¬†

If you have thin corneas, you’ve likely already heard or read this a number of times. In the average clinic, having thin corneas is considered a contraindication to Laser Eye Surgery and often a hard and fast disqualification.

However, Laser Eye Surgery clinics are not all the same. The thickness of the cornea still remains a risk factor of the procedure no matter where you go. But given adequate technology and the right expertise,¬†thinner corneas doesn’t have to mean you’re not a good candidate.

Thin corneas and suitability for Laser Eye Surgery

Expert laser eye surgeon Glenn Carp explains what to do if you have thin corneas and wish to have Laser Eye Surgery.

If a clinic does turn you down for Laser Eye Surgery due to corneal thickness, it’s worth getting a second opinion. Or better yet, finding a clinic that offers a superior and fully comprehensive preoperative assessment.

Such a thorough assessment is uncommon in clinics for the simple reason it costs more and takes more time. When pursuing Laser Eye Surgery as solely a business venture, these two factors affect the bottom line too much to make it worth their while.

At a clinic that has the principal aim to provide high-quality and clear vision to as many people as possible, the assessment will include such tests as a VHFU examination with the cutting edge Artemis Insight 100 to rule out keratoconus. If you have thin corneas but do not have keratoconus, it’s then likely you’ll be eligible for a surface procedure such a PRK/LASEK.

As expert laser eye surgeon Mr Glenn Carp explains in the above video, the principle behind Laser Eye Surgery is to use a laser to reshape the cornea so that it better reflects the light entering the eye. As this process involves the removal of corneal tissue, patients with thin corneas may not have sufficient tissue to require the full amount of shaping. It is only by conducting a comprehensive initial screening that a clinic can determine if, and how well, your vision can be corrected based on the thickness of your cornea.

If you have thin corneas and would like to talk to us regarding your suitability for Laser Eye Surgery, get in touch with one of our friendly clinic coordinators today.