The Amazon Connection

While mentioning the iconic glasses jar on the reception desk at the London Vision Clinic: who would have thought that this jar of redundant specs would link two strangers from different countries… while travelling up the Amazon in Peru.

I realise that it sounds like a fantasy or some coincidence so bizarre that it couldn’t possibly have happened. However, I can assure you, the following is a true story.

It began with a long-held dream of an English lady called Janice Weekes to explore Peru. Jan had recently lost her husband and, while reconstructing the pieces of her life, she decided that the time was at last right to embark on her adventure… only one thing was standing in her way – she wanted to experience it without the inconvenience of her varifocal glasses.

After successfully binning her specs in the charity jar at the London Vision Clinic, last summer Jan set off on her Peruvian adventure which – in addition to exploring all the sights such as the wonders of the historic Inca settlement of Machu Picchu – also included a boat journey on the Amazon.