The “Final Factor” – Let’s Hear It For The Team

Jonathan can now read two lines below the 20/20 marker on the traditional Eye Test board and, six weeks later, is still raving about all the wonderful new advantages of good eyesight that he is enjoying.

“The operation was completely painless”, Jonathan recalls.

“Dr. Dan and the team were totally professional whilst ensuring that I was relaxed at all times – I am absolutely delighted!”

And how was it for his “little sister”?

“My approach with family was exactly the same as with any London Vision Clinic patient”, Cassie told me.

“I feel you need to hear the information from someone trained and experienced in a specific role, and a third party.

“Jonathan went through the whole experience with me sitting patiently and quietly by his side and I felt that that worked best.”

It was not the first time that Cassie had held a relative’s hand at the clinic – more than two years ago her mother in law was treated with the pioneering blended vision procedure.

“Obviously I know everyone at the London Vision Clinic”, said Cassie, “and felt 100% confident all the way through.”

Jonathan was also impressed.

“I found all the staff to be warm, professional and polite – a lovely atmosphere -thank you all again.

“But, if I may”, he continued, “ I would like to finish by thanking my little sister, Cassie, who made it all happen, looked after me both before and after the surgery and – in my opinion (although biased, I admit) is a real credit to the London Vision Clinic.”

I am sure that many – unbiased – patients would echo Jonathan’s words and say “hear hear!” to that.