TV Appearances And The Path To London Vision Clinic

“My wife saw a TV report highlighting the services offered by the London Vision Clinic, so I called and made an appointment. Three months later I was in London for my consultation, pre-op and then procedure. Simple, professional, with a superb back-up team.” –Chris

People hear about London Vision Clinic through a plethora mediums. Often times it is through friends, family, or online research.

However, as medical advancements in the field have made vision corrective surgery increasingly popular, safe, and accessible, London Vision Clinic has gotten growing attention in the media. Through newspaper articles, features in medical magazines, and, of course, television, London Vision Clinic has been in the spotlight time and time again for their exemplary service and superior medical attention.

Luckily for us (and you!), this makes many people’s decisions about where to go less stressful and very straightforward. In this globalised world, you do not have to search long and far to find out that London Vision Clinic’s attention, care, and medical personal are top notch. It is literally as easy as turning on the television.

Linda had been considering corrective eye surgery for a while. She was fed up with constantly having to change and keep track of various spectacles for handling different daily activities.

She saw London Vision Clinic on a TV program featuring Phillip Schofield’s personal experience with the clinic.

She was able to relate to his personal trials and tribulations with his vision, and immediately decided that LVC was the right choice for her. No further research was required after hearing his firsthand account of a happy and painless journey to a clearer world.

From the second that she stepped foot into the clinic, Linda felt like a priority and knew she was in the most competent of hands. The day of her surgery, she dumped all seven pairs of her specs in the bowl at the front-and she never looked back!

Mrs. Rush saw Professor Dan Reinstein himself on the TV program 10 Years Younger. She felt inspired and decided that she had struggled with varifocal glasses and contact lenses for long enough!

She sent in an email and received back an impressively extensive questionnaire and shortly thereafter, she called the clinic and made an appointment. The second that she found out that she was a suitable candidate, she did not think twice. The day of her surgery was painless.

Post-surgery she received a head massage and some reflexology before being sent to her hotel to relax and recover. Just as she was getting into bed, Professor Reinstein called her personally to make sure that she was feeling okay. It was the attentive personal care that she had expected.

Mrs. Rush says that she would “rather have my eyes lasered than go to the dentist”.