Last Week We Appeared In The Daily Express And On ITV’s This Morning.

As one the world’s leading Laser Eye Surgery clinics, we’re often asked to comment and provide expert opinion in the media and, for some strange reason, last week was a busy one!

Our lead surgeon and founder, Dr Dan Reinstein, was invited onto ITV’s This Morning on Friday to help bust some Laser Eye Surgery myths and answer viewers’ questions.

Professor Dan Reinstein pointed out an eye exam is different to an eye test – and “the eye is the window to your health. Almost every condition can be diagnosed from an eye exam.”

It made for a fascinating segment … if you could follow the technology and explanations.

This was after TV’s Dr Dawn Harper, who presents Embarrassing Bodies and Born Naughty, decided it was time to throw away the cheap ready readers and take the plunge to get Laser Eye Surgery to correct her age-related near-vision problems.

We had been recommended by colleagues so she made an appointment while working in the capital last month to have her eyes tested – and we diagnosed presbyopia.

“Normally we see when light rays enter the cornea or clear front window of the eye which focuses the light rays through the lens on to the retina. The lens can then change shape to bring near objects into focus. But as we age, the lens loses its elasticity and becomes stiffer so it cannot change shape to focus on close-up objects which appear blurred.”

That means, that by the age of 45 most people need glasses for close-up work even if they have not needed glasses before – those who wore glasses for distance vision need bifocals or varifocals. You can read the original article here.