What Are The Advantages Of Intra Ocular Lenses, And When Will A Surgeon Recommend Them?

Mr Glenn Carp – “Intraocular lenses essentially are able to treat a higher range than conventional LASIK.  Due to the fact that when we treat the patients with Laser Surgery, we remove tissue from the cornea and there is only so much we can remove before you get to a critical level.  With an intra-ocular lens, space permitting, you can often treat much higher refractive errors.  So generally speaking intra-ocular lens surgery is reserved for those patients who have very, very high prescriptions whereby Laser Surgery on its own is not able to correct the full prescription.”

Advantages Of Intra Ocular Lenses Explained Further…

The great advantage of using an intra-ocular lens is the ability to treat conditions that would otherwise be impossible to correct without glasses. However, with intra-ocular lens, the surgeon usually only treats the second eye once the first eye has healed, and this means a delay of two to three weeks between operations. After intra-ocular lens treatment, the lens restores vision almost immediately but is not at its best until approximately three weeks after intra-ocular lens surgery is complete.

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