Ophthalmic surgeons dedicated to excellence

The London Vision Clinic’s ophthalmic surgeons are world authorities in their field, rare in having devoted themselves exclusively to laser eye surgery. Their skill and dedication is the benchmark for the entire team, each of whom has been handpicked for their commitment to the ultimate in care and service.

Our eye surgeons

London Vision Clinic’s expertise is led by its founder, Professor Dan Reinstein, one of the few Ophthalmic Surgeons in the UK to dedicate his professional life to this field. He is also one of the small group of experts that has significantly refined and advanced the technology and techniques of laser eye surgery. Read more about Prof Reinstein.

Mr Glenn Carp is a highly accomplished ophthalmic surgeon who studied for 18 months with Dr Reinstein before joining the London Vision Clinic. Originally from South Africa, where he won the Tetski Patterson Award for clinical research, Mr Carp is now one of the UK’s most highly trained laser eye surgeons. Read more about Mr Carp.

As well as performing surgery, the surgeons are continually researching and developing new refinements to the treatment, to deliver the best possible results for every patient, working closely alongside our in-house research team.


Our expert team of optometrists carries out the uniquely rigorous ophthalmic exam given to every patient. Each is a qualified and highly skilled specialist in his or her own right, able to answer any questions you may have about your vision, the testing, or indeed the surgery itself. You should never feel you are ‘wasting our time’ with questions: if it matters to you, it matters to us. Read more about our optometrists.


London Vision Clinic’s expertise would be diminished without its nursing team, who is dedicated to both your clinical and your emotional welfare during your treatment. Your nurse will prepare you for your surgery, and ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed throughout. Calm, expert and reassuring, your nurse will be on hand to answer any questions and keep a watchful eye on your wellbeing before, during and after surgery. Read more about our Nurses.

Patient Care Coordinators

The first expert you’ll meet as a new patient is your Patient Care Coordinator, or PCC. He or she will be your main contact with the clinic throughout your treatment, providing a consistent and reassuring presence. Well versed in the details of your treatment, your PCC will be able to answer most of the questions you may have. And if you need an even more expert opinion on anything, they’ll make sure you get it. Read more about our Patient Care Coordinators.

Clinic Coordinators

Our Clinic Coordinators and Clinic Host keep everything running smoothly, and help make sure you always receive the highest possible standards of service. Also known as the London Vision Clinic’s “Air Traffic Controllers”, their aim is to ensure every patient’s administrative needs are taken care of – from re-arranging appointments or getting an insider recommendation for the best little cafe in nearby Marylebone – they walk that little extra mile for patients, every day. Read more about our Clinic coordinators.

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