At the forefront of laser eye surgery research

Professor Reinstein discusses the recent innovations and research behind PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision, a solution for presbyopia and reading glasses.

Since the beginning of his career, Professor Reinstein – founder and Medical Director of London Vision Clinic – has been one of the small group of experts pioneering the latest advances in laser eye surgery results and research. They regularly publish laser eye surgery scientific articles and book-chapters in peer-reviewed publications.

Today, the London Vision Clinic demonstrates its commitment to excellence by employing full-time research staff, including Oxford and Cambridge educated Research Manager, Dr Tim Archer, and Research Assistant, Joe Potter.

Working with Professor Reinstein and Mr Carp, Tim reviews every procedure, monitoring results and continuously looking for ways to refine our techniques even further to improve patient outcomes,even if only by a fraction.Few laser eye surgeons monitor their outcomes scientifically. Most laser eye surgeons only review a small sample of their total procedures and rarely publish them in peer-reviewed medical journals. We believe that the only way of achieving the best possible results is to evaluate every single procedure statistically continuously; it is our dedication to detail in every aspect of our work in laser eye surgery that enables us to obtain clinical outcomes which rate as the best results achievableresults which we believe to be second to none in the world.

Tim is also an expert computer programmer and works with our surgeons to create an individually tailored treatment plan for every eye of every patient, based on the results of our uniquely comprehensive testing and screening. We use this system to calibrate the laser and refine our surgical technique for every single eye, ensuring it is precisely tuned to the individual patient’s needs.
Dr Tim Archer
Laser Eye Surgery Research Manager
“I was born and bred in the Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire area, and joined the London Vision Clinic in 2003 to research, analyse, and publish the Clinic’s pioneering work in refractive surgery. I am a graduate of Oxford University, having gained an MA in Mathematics and Cambridge University, where I completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science. More recently, I completed a PhD in Biomedical Sciences at Ulster University. I had my own laser eye surgery with Professor Reinstein in December 2004, and pretty soon after, my parents and brother did too! When I’m not knee-deep in LASIK and SMILE research, I enjoy golf, tennis and football, and playing around with formulas and macros in Excel. I also enjoy spending time with my wife, son and daughter.
Dr Tim Archer
Dr Tim Archer
Dr Archer has applied his computer science background to build and implement various software solutions to maximize the efficiency of data analysis at London Vision Clinic. These have included building the PIQASO II database to automate the analysis of refractive surgery outcomes and managing the Electronic Medical Records system. Over the last 20 years, Tim has built up the London Vision Clinic research output to produce more than one scientific peer-reviewed publication each month and oversee the preparation of over 80 presentations at international conferences each year. This work culminated in April 2018 with the publication of a textbook on SMILE, which he co-authored with our surgeons Prof Reinstein and Mr Carp. This textbook was produced to accompany the training courses run by London Vision Clinic for refractive surgeons and the Postgraduate Diploma in Cataract and Refractive Surgery at Ulster University, for which he produced a significant proportion of the lecture materials together with the team at London Vision Clinic.
Joe - Research Assistant

Joe – Research Assistant

Having grown up in a small and sleepy countryside town in Surrey, I chose to study at the University of Birmingham. I graduated with a degree in Biomedical Materials Science and a fascination for the latest emerging technologies used in healthcare. From this point, I knew I wanted to get involved myself. I moved to London in early 2021 after I got a taste for city life and joined the clinic as a research assistant soon after. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling and exploring new places. My favourite destination so far is the North Cape in Norway, where I was lucky enough to witness the northern lights! When I’m not off globetrotting or at the clinic, you can find me painting or playing the guitar.

Enrico - Technical Manager – Medical Equipment

Enrico – Technical Manager – Medical Equipment

I grew up in Italy and after high school, I moved to the UK, where I graduated from The University of Kent with a Bachelor’s in Physics. I have a passion for technology and science, and since joining the clinic in 2016, I have been able to work with some of the most advanced LASER systems and pieces of equipment.

I’m glad to be part of a team and clinic that goes beyond routine and instead pursues perfection for its patients, both in the clinical aspect and in the overall personal experience. My hobbies include reading about scientific innovations, playing football and producing my own music.

Ruchi - Research Optometrist

Ruchi – Research Optometrist

Having grown up in the leafy suburbs of Manchester and graduating with a Masters in Optometry; I moved to London in 2015 to pursue a research career in dry eyes and contact lenses. Joining London Vision Clinic has enabled me to extend my knowledge into the field of laser eye surgery by being part of a world-class research team in pioneering treatment. I enjoy being at the forefront of clinical research and contributing to the positive experience this has in the patient journey. In my spare time I enjoy swimming, volunteering and travelling. From my travels, my highlight was exploring Japan during the cherry blossom season.


Mehmet – Laser Technician

Being born and raised in London, I’ve grown up to love this city and decided to stay and further my studies at Queen Mary University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Physics in 2023. The week before my graduation ceremony I had the opportunity to join the London Vision Clinic as a Laser Technician, and having worked with lasers during my final year university project and developing an interest in the science behind it, I thought this was an opportunity that I could not miss! Outside of work I like to spend my time reading up on different historical periods and traveling whenever and wherever I can.


Conor – Laser Technician

I grew up in Kent before going on to study Biochemistry at the University of Warwick, and from there moved to Dubai in search of better weather than I was used to in the Midlands. I worked there for a year before returning to the UK to study Physics. After moving to London in 2019, I enrolled at King’s College London where I spent two years studying a Master’s Degree in Physics. With my Biochemistry and Physics degrees I searched for a role where I can utilise both, and was lucky enough to join London Vision Clinic as a Laser Technician. It has been fascinating learning about the biomechanics of the eye along with seeing state of the art technology in action. When I’m not in the clinic I spend a lot of time reading, playing football, and travelling when I can. I love a quick weekend away, the more last minute the better!