Why Patients Choose Professor Dan Reinstein

Once you have committed to having Laser Eye Surgery, the process that follows—choosing a clinic, discovering the right treatment, finding great value, calculating the risks—can often seem overwhelming. All the uncertainties and concerns that build up, however, can be melted away with the assurance of one thinga great surgeon.

The confidence that being in the hands of one of the most experienced ophthalmic surgeons in the field gives you, is invaluable in itself, and is just one of the reasons why patients keep turning time and time again to Professor Dan Reinstein.

A Brief Look At The Career Of A Pioneering Laser Eye Surgeon

Nobody likes a bragger, but when you are putting your trust and vision in the hands of somebody, it is only natural to want to know the person is fully qualified, highly skilled, and 100% committed to the task at hand—and of course you as a patient.

To gain an idea of Prof Reinstein’s commitment to the field, and in particular to the betterment of ophthalmic surgery, we have taken a brief look at some of his greatest achievements:

  • Founder of London Vision Clinic—often quoted among the finest Laser Eye Surgery clinics in the UK
  • Researcher and developer of the Artemis Insight 100™ corneal scanner—the world’s most accurate corneal scanner
  • Shared patent holder of the ReLEX SMILE techniquethe latest and least intrusive laser eye surgery to date
  • Publisher of 127 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals
  • Writer and contributor to 32 book chapters
  • Author of over 135 articles for the ophthalmic press
  • Presenter and publisher of 227 scientific papers and abstracts
  • Deliverer of over 400 lectures at professional meetings over five continents

Committed To Laser Vision Correction For 20 years—And Counting

As one of the first ophthalmic surgeons in the UK to focus solely on Laser Eye Surgery, Prof Reinstein’s contribution and commitment to the field has been the subject of much envy and marvel.

Prof Reinstein is unusual in the way he arrived at being a specialist laser eye surgeon. Rather than shooting for a record time, he decided to take a longer route and expand his horizons.

Long before founding London Vision Clinic, the young and bold Dan Reinstein graduated from Cambridge University and headed off to study a handful of postgraduate qualifications, including a MA, MB, MChir, FRCS, and an MD.

As a newly qualified LASIK surgeon, Doctor Reinstein joined a research project at Cornell University, New York. It was here where he first began to research—and later develop—what would become the world’s most accurate corneal scannerthe Artemis Insight 100™.

Even after such an achievement, his career was only getting started. In the following years—after being appointed Chief Medical Officer of a group of clinics in North America—Prof Reinstein led 58 laser eye surgeons over 28 clinics to become, at the time, one of the largest single providers of Laser Vision Correction in the world.

Continuing To Lead And Innovate In The Field Of Laser Eye Surgery

London Vision Clinic is the embodiment of Prof Reinstein’s commitment and passion for the advancement of vision correction. At our clinic here on Harley Street, Prof Reinstein is realising his vision of running a practice where nothing but the best services, treatments, and care are offered.

I had decided that I wanted to further subspecialise in Refractive surgery and had seen Professor Reinstein speak at a number of international conferences. I was struck by his passion for the subject and the level innovation that he and his colleagues were demonstrating. I contacted him to ask if I could come and observe his surgery at the clinic and through that, I published some research papers with him. Following the completion of my fellowship, I was then appointed as a surgeon at London Vision Clinic. – Mr Alastair Stuart

However, the fire and passion of such an innovator isn’t easily satisfied, and Prof Reinstein is continuing to be instrumental in the research and development of new Laser Eye Surgery techniques. Recently his work with Carl Zeiss Meditec has lead to the development of ReLEx SMILE surgery, the latest advancement in laser eye technology and a huge leap forward into a new era of refractive treatments.

If you would like to book a consultation at London Vision Clinic, or find out more about the career and qualifications Prof Dan Reinstein, leave us a comment or give us a call us on 020 7224 1005