With The Greatest Of Ease, Trapeze Artist Bins The Specs

At this stage of the year, most of us do not want to be reminded of our New Year resolutions.

Unfortunately, statistics prove that the majority of us will not have kept up with all those good intentions and self-improving characteristics that we promised to adopt as 2010 became 2011.

Trips to the gym might have become a distant memory and the weight loss graphs have petered out as we get on with our busy lives and revert to the old, lazy ways.

Although this is what happens to most of us, happily others do manage to turn their lives around achieving their New Year aims and ambitions well beyond January and February.

London Vision Clinic patient, Kelly, is one such person – at the previous New Year celebrations she pledged that 2010 would be the last year that she would wear glasses.

Determined to have Laser Eye Surgery to correct her astigmatism and short sight, Kelly began to research the best and safest place to have the procedure.

“Working for a print management company, a lot of my job is about shopping around and competitive tendering”, she explained. “By evaluating suppliers for reliability, service and quality, I was well equipped to check out the many available centres for Laser Eye Surgery.”

Kelly, who describes herself as “a worrier by nature”, began to feel very frightened by the prospect of her surgery. However, fortunately, she was able to surmount her fears and concerns and had her sight problems corrected at the London Vision Clinic on July 5th 2010 and now enjoys “eagle-eyed vision”.

“Once I arrived there (138 Harley Street) the fear began to dissipate and the procedure was so easy and completely painless. The relief afterwards was dramatic!”

Kelly performing - photo by Holly Go-Loudly.

As a static trapeze artist and salsa dancer in her free time, Kelly was super-motivated to bin the glasses that she had worn for some twelve years.

She told me that now it is wonderful not to have the inconvenience or worry of contact lenses when performing her acrobatic moves on the trapeze.

Just in case Kelly’s story (and photograph) has made you consider taking up the trapeze as a New Year resolution for next year, it might be a good idea to begin work now on the upper body and core strength that she tells me it requires – that, and of course, a load of practice time, skill and unwavering determination not to give up.