Adjustments After Laser Eye Surgery: Part 2

It´s the little details that make the difference:

Mary Harboe, a print journalist and award winning broadcaster, has undergone both PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision and had slight adjustment work at the London Vision Clinic. She retells the second part to her story below:

I have several friends who have had Laser Eye Surgery but who still use glasses. It always surprises me that they should settle for anything less than perfect vision after their surgery. My friends appear to simply accept that reading glasses will still be required even if other sight problems are corrected. I should hasten to add that none of these people are London Vision Clinic patients; and none have had PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision.

My Enhancement Laser Eye Surgery Procedure

When I felt my own near vision shifting very slightly six years after my procedure, I returned to the London Vision Clinic for the small “enhancement” procedure to my right eye. As the big day dawned, I was surprised to feel nervous and, if I am totally honest, somewhat apprehensive.  Despite having been through the procedure before and having written about it extensively, I found myself wishing I was somewhere other than reception at 138 Harley Street having the essential pre-surgery eye scans and checks.

The logical side of my brain knew that, as only one eye was involved and I was booked for a straightforward “enhancement” correction procedure, it would be even quicker and easier this time. However, somehow the other side of my brain was not listening as I flipped through magazines unable to concentrate. In between gazing absently at the video screen, it was very comforting to know that each and every member of the highly efficient and skilled London Vision clinic team appeared to understand my feelings and kindly reassured me that it was completely normal to feel anxious at this time.

As I wrote in the London Vision Clinic spring newsletter, when you take the expertise, research record and outstanding results as a given, it is the special little touches that make the difference. At the London Vision Clinic each detail of a patient’s journey has been scrutinised in meticulous detail to see where even the smallest improvement can be made. After my recent experience, I was again hugely impressed, not just by the results but also by the caring sensitivity and professionalism of everyone who has looked after me so far.

I especially appreciated the magical hands of Nikke the masseuse who was able to melt away my last minute nerves with a head and shoulder massage just before going in to the operating theatre. I also found it strangely soothing to hold on to a soft toy in my hands during the procedure.

Then, in a few short minutes, it was all over and Professor Dan Reinstein, together with the MEL 80 Excimer Laser he helped to develop, has worked another miracle on my sight.

Thank you!