138 Harley Street Gets Plenty Of TLC From All Colours Adam

Image of Adam in front of the London Vision Clinic

Meet Adam Breen, our very own George Clarke.  Although Adam knows every corner of the London Vision Clinic, he is rarely seen by our patients. This is because his work at 138 Harley Street begins as the clinic closes.

Adam’s Work At The London Vision Clinic

It is as the last patient departs and the day team goes home that Adam’s working time begins. Adam’s hours mean that disruption is kept to a minimum while he carries out the essential repairs, decorating and maintenance work which ensures that each section of the London Vision Clinic journey takes place in pristine, well-kept surroundings. It also means, however, that many of us might take his unseen labour for granted.

In fact, it requires sustained effort on Adam’s part to keep on top of all the jobs essential to maintaining the clinic at its exceptional standard. Adam also has to contend with the (sometimes unexpected) challenges that come with looking after a listed historic building on Harley Street. For instance, he notes that sometimes fine cracks appear on the walls or ceilings for no apparent reason: “There is a lot of daily wear and tear on premises such as these”, Adam points out, while also scrutinising a nearby skirting board for any scuff marks.

Always practical and a perfectionist, Adam chose to join – and later inherit – his father’s company, Stansted based “All Colours”, after qualifying in “special decoration finishing” at college. Several of his early contracts involved working alongside interior designers, where, in addition to practicing his decorative skills, he also discovered his creative eye.

“Decoration styles have changed over the years. I used to be asked to do quite a lot of special finishing – like wet and dry, which involves using several layers of paint. Nowadays, most people want to cut back on such labour intensive work”, he says. Materials have also changed: Adam now uses mainly water-based paint, thus eliminating the unpleasant, lingering smell of oil-based paints.

How Adam Came To The London Vision Clinic

In keeping with London Vision Clinic’s philosophy, Adam’s employment at 138 Harley Street resulted initially from a personal recommendation. “About seven or eight years ago, I had done some work for an interior designer who was a Laser Eye Surgery patient. It seems that Dr Dan mentioned to her that he wasn’t happy with some decorating work that had been carried out on the premises (then at Devonshire Place) and she suggested contacting me…the rest, as they say, was history.”

Today, Adam also gets the occasional opportunity to practice his special skills. Recently, for example, he used an unusual decorative technique to change the colour of the leather furniture in Dr Dan’s consulting room from a mustard shade to dark brown. “Leather ‘paint’ is a strange texture and consistency; it must be worked quite quickly or it becomes like chewing gum”, he explains. Adam re-sprayed the room’s central light to a more fitting shade, and also transformed Dan’s desk – which, due to its shape and unfortunate colour-scheme, they had both agreed resembled a pork chop. Fortunately, it now it matches the other furniture in the room!

Adam has many clients – both business and private – but especially enjoys his work at the London Vision Clinic, where he takes advantage of the opportunities to add his creative input. Some ideas, such as the National Geographic flower scene in the patient post-surgery relaxation room, have been taken on board; others (he would love to illuminate the outside of the building in the clinic’s token turquoise) are still under consideration…

“It might sound corny, but Dr Dan and everybody I have met at the London Vision Clinic have all been great. It really is a pleasure for me to work here”, Adam concludes.

For more information about Adam Breen contact him on 0794 1661 644.