Age And The Use Of Glasses

It’s a sad but true, perfect vision doesn’t stay with us forever. Along with the crevices and the grey hairs that tell the stories of our lives, our eyes weaken and, for many of us, middle age marks a new era of our life: The time of the Glasses.

It’s not that there is anything wrong with glasses; it’s just that it almost feels like admitting a kind of defeat, a giving-in of sorts. That first pair of reading glasses is about as thrilling as your fortieth birthday. That’s not to mention that from there on out the required strength of the glasses only gets stronger. The medical bills and the annual ophthalmologist checkups aren’t any more of a delight. All of a sudden, getting older means a whole new list of optical expenses that you’ve never had to worry about before.

Image of glasses

But who says that you have to admit defeat? Who says that you can’t defy time? It’s 2013! Technology now defies the aging woes of your eyes! Laser Eye Surgery has revolutionized the way that people with vision impairments see the world, and it’s no different for those who struggle with their eyes as they get older.

Ann had her eyes operated on when she was 45. With age, her eyes regressed. But at 49 she contacted London Vision Clinic. After a couple of consultations, she had her eyes re-corrected using a form of surgery called “blended vision”. It has greatly improved both her confidence and morale. She still requires the use of reading glasses, but she is happy with this minor necessity. It is, after all, a far cry from her previous spectacle dependence.

Lynne’s vision complications were entirely age related. As she got older she become far sighted. She was fortunately able to wear contacts, but after an extended period of time they caused her eyes to ache. When she found out that she was suitable for corrective Laser Eye Surgery, she was overjoyed. She is very happy with her results and was shocked to realize that the world was a clearer place-immediately following the procedure!

If you are considering changing how you see the world and hitting the rewind button on your vision, just remember one thing: Not all Laser Eye Surgery providers are equal. Here at London Vision Clinic, our staff and surgeons want you to walk away with a happy and successful experience. If you are still having doubts, and experiencing the perfectly normal uncertainties, it is always best to contact us and we can discuss any of your queries further.