Art In Miniature On Display At The London Vision Clinic

London 2012 left many large and far reaching changes in its wake. Everyone who was touched by the unforgettable summer of sport and achievement has had their attitudes changed and preconceptions shifted to some degree: for instance it’s now cool to use snail mail, especially if your correspondence begins its journey from a golden post box and carries one of the special edition commemorative Olympic stamps.

The London Design Festival 2012

Now that the dust has settled the capital is getting back in touch with its creative side with the 10th London Design Festival (14 – 23 September). Included in the 300 festival events across the city is one that – despite being very small – should not be missed. Art in Miniature, curated by Hat-Trick Design, celebrates the creativity and design of the Royal Mail stamp.

Various specially selected stamps have been matched to relevant locations across London. For instance, a series entitled “Fabulous Hats” can be seen at the V&A; others depicting mythical creatures are on show at the London Aquarium; while those commemorating “British Comics” are at the Cartoon Museum; and “Buses” at the London Transport Museum. Four more examples of philately miniature masterpieces will be showcased at the London Vision Clinic. The framed, actual-size stamps have been chosen for their relevance to all things optical and include one of the 1st class commemorative series released for the Olympics.

Hat-Trick Design, responsible for the creative corporate image of the London Vision Clinic, also designed the London 2012 stamps. Each stamp in the Olympic series cleverly incorporates a London landmark with an Olympic sport. Following the optical theme, the one on show at 138 Harley Street shows the London Eye as the front wheel of a bicycle being raced in the velodrome.

Art in Miniature is almost certainly the smallest event in the London Design Festival; but it delivers exactly what is expected: delightful mini masterpieces. You don’t have to be a philatelist to enjoy following this stamp trail across London. However, unless you can read the tiniest print line on the Snellen Eye Chart test, you might be well advised to bring a magnifying glass in order to truly appreciate the design skills and detail of these tiny works of art.

The London Design Festival will be running from 14 – 23 September and the London Vision Clinic will be opening its doors to the general public to view the stamp exhibition from 9.00am to 5.00pm weekdays only.