Babies And The Gene Pool

Babies have been very much in my mind recently. Last week I made a dawn dash to Barcelona to meet my grandson, Charlie. Despite being only a couple of hours old when I arrived, his eyes were open and he appeared to be taking in his new surroundings.

Baby Freddie

 As I held him in my arms and drank in his newborn smell I fell in love all over again. The miracle of birth will never fail to amaze me.

So while on the subject of babies, it seems an ideal opportunity to congratulate the London Vision Clinic research manager, Tim Archer and his wife Joanna on the arrival of Freddie George who came into the world somewhat earlier than expected on August 27th.

I expect that little Freddie will have the best possible combination of genes: his father’s analytical, mathematical and scientific approach to life combined with his mother’s creative and artistic flair. A garden designer by training, Joanna also has green fingers (or a “green thumb” as they say in America).

Terrace roof Garden at 138 Harley St

Visitors to 138 Harley Street can see an example of her work – she designed the contemporary and yet relaxing roof terrace garden which stretches from the first floor landing to the clinic’s mews house area at the rear. I love to check it out each time I visit the clinic and especially enjoy its chameleon-like quality of adapting to the weather and seasons.