Combining Knowledge And Understanding From A Patient’s Perspective

Desiree Todd joined the team at the London Vision Clinic in late 2008, having previously worked in research at a Laser Eye Surgery chain. When asked about her reasons for choosing to work at the London Vision Clinic over other Laser Eye Surgery providers, Desiree said, “I chose to work at the London Vision Clinic as to me it offers the epitome of what laser surgery is all about: advanced technology combined with world class standards and patient care.”

Originally from Northern Ireland, Desiree is a keen sportswoman, having show jumped and evented from an early age. She also enjoys snowboarding and running – making do with slightly less green space in London compared to Ireland!

“Since my surgery I’m able to run in the rain in Hyde Park – it’s so liberating to know that the weather will no longer stop me.”

Now that she is working as an optometrist at the London Vision Clinic, Desiree has had laser eye treatment. Her prescription before surgery was -6.00/-1.50 x 169 and -6.75/-4.25 x 6 making her highly astigmatic.

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