Passionately Perfectionist With A Patient’s Perspective

Optometrist consulting eye surgery patient Emma Brandon

Emma is not only an experienced and highly skilled optometrist; she has also been a patient at the London Vision Clinic. In typical optometrist fashion, she can reel off her exact prescription before Laser Vision Correction: OD – 6.00/-3.00 X 10; OS – 6.50/ -3.00 X 180. In short, around -9 dioptres, or very short-sighted.

Emma even recalls the date of her surgery: 8 August 2006. It’s a date she says she’ll never forget. ‘Having had a lot of myopia and astigmatism beforehand, I have found it a life-changing experience,’ she says of her treatment.

Away from the Clinic, Emma is a devoted mountaineer, having recently climbed the Mount Ararat – although as a native Londoner she often has to make do with the local climbing wall. In fact, she enjoys a host of outdoor pursuits such as skiing, which she says has been ‘completely revolutionised’ by her Laser Vision Correction.

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