Eye News: T’was The Night Before Christmas…

Santa with his reading glasses. Surely he’d be better off with PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision?

‘T’was the night before Christmas, waiting for Santa. Would he come? Would he hedge? Would he agree to a makeover? He sure would look nice!

The time passed slowly – tick tock – like molasses. If he agreed to Laser Eye Surgery, he could read his lists without glasses!

It’s time for Santa to ditch those old-fashioned spectacles in favour of corrective eye surgery, Santa could then buy himself some cool-looking designer sunglasses and fly back to the North Pole in style after a night spent sliding down chimneys and delivering packages.

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A New, Safer Way To Remove Cataracts

Eye injuries or inflammation can encourage the protein deposits that lead to cataracts, as can some drugs such as prednisone (a corticosteroid used in inflammatory conditions like arthritis).  Another significant cause of cataracts is exposure to ultraviolet light and radiation. The more years a person spends exposed to the rays from the sun, the more likely they are to suffer this damage to the lens of the eye.

Normally, when a cataract reaches this stage, some pretty tricky eye surgery is required to fix the problem. However, eye doctors at the Stanford University in California have found a way to use a laser to take apart a cloudy lens in the eye.  The ophthalmological team says the results of the laser surgery were much better than traditional surgery in a number of ways.  Learn more.