Halloween Contact Lenses Could Come Back To Haunt You

The dangers of improper use of contact lenses are well documented. Some London Vision Clinic patients have been inspired to look into Laser Eye Surgery as an alternative, following concerns about the damage they may be causing their eyes while wearing contact  lenses for sports like swimming for instance.

For these people and many others who view lenses as a necessary evil that they have to put up with in order to see properly, it seems odd that at this time of year there are others who are buying decorative lenses for “fun”.

Never having been one to find the blood shot vampire, yellow zombie or black wolf eyes in the least appealing, it does seem an extremely odd choice of Halloween disguise to pick. However, over recent years these non-prescription themed lenses have become popular among revellers especially in the U.S. where Halloween is big commercial business.

Despite dire warnings of eye health dangers from the U.S Food and Drug administration and rulings that make it illegal to sell decorative lenses over-the-counter, people are still sourcing them elsewhere and many are suffering the truly scary consequences.

Follow this link to a Daily Mail article…

Meanwhile I have just received a photo of my three-year-old granddaughter, Sophia, in her Halloween costume – not a scary lens in sight – just her little pink specs. She is definitely a future London Vision Clinic patient.