Laser Eye Surgery Results – Do They Differ From One Clinic To Another?

One of the most important factors to consider when thinking about having Laser Eye Surgery is the results you can expect.

It’s important to have a good idea of what your outcome is likely to be after treatment, but do Laser Eye Surgery results differ from one clinic to another?

Here is London Vision Clinic surgeon Glenn Carp talking about how Laser Eye Surgery results can be affected by factors such as laser technology, patients’ prescriptions and surgeon experience in different clinics:

“Results after Laser Eye Surgery will differ, never mind from one clinic to another, but also from surgeon to surgeon.

A lot of the results are based on the patient’s prescription, and also on the doctor’s expertise, as well as the type of equipment they are able to use to provide for that patient’s care.

Based on these variables, there are different Laser Eye Surgery results for different subsets of patients, and at different clinics.

We ask all patients when they are enquiring about results for their potential outcome always to ask the laser eye surgeon who is treating them to be very specific about his or her results for their prescription. Because prescriptions, by virtue of different types of lasers and different techniques, offer patients different outcomes.”

So, the main factors to consider when considering what Laser Eye Surgery results you could expect, and how to choose the right clinic and surgeon are:

· Your prescription · The expertise of the surgeon · The techniques they use · The technology available in the clinic · The results they have achieved previously for patients with the same prescription as yours

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