Find Out The Facts From The Pioneer In Laser Eye Surgery – Professor Dan Reinstein

For the majority of the population glasses are part of everyday life, yet can also be the bane of your life when it comes to ageing eyes, bifocal vision and general deterioration. Here at Insight, we all struggle with our eyesight, with many in the office spec wearers, but wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning and not fumble around for your glasses and have crystal clear vision to deal with everyday tasks…

Laser Eye Surgery could be the solution you’re looking for, correcting vision and banishing the glasses for good! Correcting your eyesight using a simple and quick procedure, laser surgery has transformed many lives and could transform yours.

However, it’s not something to rush into and when seeking the best clinic and surgeon, the advice is to do your research thoroughly and so, Insight have sought the advice of one of THE top eye surgeon’s in the world!

Specialising in the field of laser technology, Professor Dan Reinstein has been at the forefront of developing revolutionary new laser technology, pushing forward innovations in LASIK surgery and building a prototype of what would become the Artemis Insight 100™ scanner – now the world’s most accurate corneal scanner. Now years’ ahead of any other clinic worldwide, Professor Reinstein is based at London’s Harley Street, London Vision Clinic, with an international roster that includes well known personalities and is renowned for employing a dedicated research team.

So, if you’re not sure if Laser Eye Surgery is for you, read on, as we find out the facts from leading eye surgeon, Professor Dan Reinstein…

Please Talk Us Through The Procedure Of Laser Eye Surgery and the lasting effects it can have…

“The laser eye technology we use, LASIK, is revolutionary and is suitable for over 90% of patients. This means that we can now treat those they may have been turned away by other clinics due to their complex prescription, referring to those with blended vision who struggle with short and long distance.

Using the laser, we create a very thin, circular flap of tissue in the outer cornea; the laser then removes a precise, pre-set amount of cornea tissue. This flap is then replaced and instantly held in place by the natural processes of the eye and heals within a few hours. This procedure lasts no longer than 15 minutes and the discomfort is minimal and the effects in some cases can be instant, with crystal clear vision taking effect within 24 hours.

It’s a huge impact for anyone used to glasses and I have had many patients saying they wish they had done it sooner! The lasting effects are life changing and what’s great is that health wise, you have no scarring and no pain due to our highly specific, high energy laser.”

What Is Your Advice To Those Seeking More Information About Laser Surgery?

“Well, naturally we believe in offering an unrivalled standard of care and service, with a rigorous and detailed assessment of prescription before any procedure. The beauty of our service is that we are very thorough, presenting clients with all the necessary records and information, which ensures that our safety procedures are unmatched. Yet, it’s important to look at the range of options and understand what laser surgery is all about and what it could do for you, so do your research.

For those who have preconceptions, seek out as much information as possible and find out the facts rather than go on someone else’s experience. The thing to remember is that everyone’s eyes are completely unique and the best way to see if laser surgery is for you is to take advantage of the free consultations available in most clinics, where you can ask as many questions as possible, with no pressure to commit.

So, my best advice would to be stop thinking, seek out the facts and book an assessment, as most patients actually regret not doing it years before!”

How Does Your Clinic Stay Ahead Of The Rest And What Do You Think The Future Holds For Laser Eye Surgery?

“We are very unique in the way we work, as we have a very dedicated and effective research team within the clinic, all funded by the profits from the clinic itself. This allows us to use the most sophisticated technology available and enhance it further with our team of experts. We hand-select every piece of equipment we use and no other clinic can boast of our advances and techniques, plus our award-winning technology has now being adopted by the world’s leading optics manufacturer, Carl Zeiss.

As for the future, I think that we’ll move forward even further and the technology we are using now will become available in other clinics worldwide within a few years. However, by that time, we’ll be using something more effective, more advanced and better!”

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