Is Someone In Your Family Considering Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser Eye Surgery has been around for decades, and refractive surgery is now the most common elective procedure in the world. However, because the eyes are so precious, it’s not surprising that it’s still surrounded by many myths and misconceptions, often due to misinformation, or even misleading advertising.

Virtually every clinic claims to have the best technology and promises 20/20 vision, yet newspapers still run horror stories of patients who believe Laser Eye Surgery has ruined their lives. On top of this, everyone (from optometrists, down to concerned friends and family members) tend to offer conflicting opinions. For example, many people feel it’s safer to stick with contact lenses than to take the risk of Laser Eye Surgery, but when expertly performed, Laser Eye Surgery is actually safer than contact lenses.

According to Professor Dan Reinstein, Medical Director of the London Vision Clinic, the most important thing is to do your research, choose a reputable clinic and expert surgeon, and resist sales pressures and ‘deals’. No surgery should be undertaken lightly, least of all elective eye surgery. The decision should be made when you are fully informed and ready, rather than because a cut-price offer is about to expire. You need to be sure of your surgeon and clinic and get to the bottom of the myths.

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The Advantages Of Having Laser Eye Surgery Are Numerous

We don’t need to describe what it could mean to suddenly be able to see, without glasses or contact lenses, from the moment you wake up every morning. Some people are wrongly led to believe they are unsuitable for the procedure; in fact, with the technology used by the most expert clinics today, refractive surgery can correct 98% of all prescriptions for glasses (including very high prescriptions) without having to resort to the higher risk of inserting synthetic lenses inside the eye. Moreover, a procedure called PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision (developed over 10 years ago by Professor Reinstein) means that Laser Eye Surgery can even correct ageing eyes (presbyopia), allowing patients to get rid of their reading glasses for many years, or even entirely.

Professor Dan Reinstein, an internationally renowned expert in laser refractive surgery, is the Medical Director of London Vision Clinic, and as a lead medical consultant to Carl Zeiss Meditec, he was instrumental to the development of PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision and ReLEx SMILE.

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