Very High Prescriptions Can Be Treated With Laser Eye Surgery

Isabella shares her very personal experiences with her very high prescription and her reasons for having Laser Eye Surgery at the London Vision Clinic. Since the age of two Isabella is shortsighted and has a very high prescription of –9D. Also, her laser eye surgeon Glenn Carp speaks about the individual Laser Eye Surgery process at the London Vision Clinic.

Isabella Speaks About Her Long Struggle With Very High Prescription Glasses And Contact Lenses

Isabella: I was short sighted from a very young age. It was picked up when I was two I think. Always had glasses, when I was a kid, I had the glasses that had to curl around my ears so they wouldn’t fall off my face. Then, as I got older and I was with older children who become more aware of themselves, I was bullied severely and I battled with my mum for a long time to get the contact lenses, but as far as she was concerned, they were too expensive, would I be responsible enough. So, when I was about 14 or 15, she finally got me the lenses and that then was an absolute God send.

If you get grit in your contact lenses, sometimes I feel like I am actually getting dizzy and I lose my balance. So, I have to carry a glasses case, solutions, and sunglasses if it is sunny in London. Constantly, I would be cycling around, I would be swimming, and I would be doing all with my lenses in, which is not good for your eyes. If you’re cycling with contact lenses in, you get bits in your eyes and that makes them sore for one thing. I’ve nearly come off my bike as a result of it and then swimming with your contact lenses chlorine obviously isn’t the nicest thing. So, I would either be swimming blind or damaging my eyes.

Glenn Carp Discusses The Clinic Treatment Approach

Glenn Carp: Each person is an individual and every eye needs to be treated as an individual eye. In other words, when we are trying to help somebody to improve their focusing and improving their vision, we are approaching them on an individual eye basis. So as to get the maximum out of their treatment profiles.

As A Primary School Teacher Wearing Glasses Can Be Difficult

Isabella: Now I work in a school and wearing my glasses at the school is difficult because I work in a primary school because young children … if there is a child with a learning difficulty or something they can sort of grab out and they can grab the glasses off your face. I am unable to see because my prescription is so bad at minus nine.

Glenn Carp: At the London Vision Clinic we are not only about treating the average patient, in other words, the person with relatively small prescriptions and very straightforward eyes, but we’re also looking to see what help we can offer patients with for example, very high prescriptions.

Isabelle’s Wish To Have Laser Eye Surgery

I’ve wanted eye surgery ever since I first heard about it about ten years ago…Isabella: If you’re with somebody who has got 20/20 or better vision, then you have to rely on them to tell you what bus is coming around the corner. Even in a car and that’s also something that I’ve worried about, because my prescription is such that I would be borderline.

I’ve wanted eye surgery ever since I first heard about it about ten years ago but then the technology hadn’t come on far enough. So, I’ve kind of followed it over the years and seen where it’s going and it’s far safer.