It Took Fatherhood – Not Football

Patient Jonathan with daughter before Laser Eye Surgery.

It took five years before Jonathan picked up the phone and told his sister that he wanted her to arrange his Laser Eye Surgery.

And – having finally made his decision – he wanted it doing NOW.

So what was his “Final Factor”?

Since childhood, Jonathan has always enjoyed sport. Cassie recalls that he rarely returned home before dusk and clasping either a football or his cricket bat or his running kit.

As an adult with less than perfect vision, he began to find sport less enjoyable and more of a struggle. But it was finally fatherhood- not football -that nudged him towards finally getting his eyesight fixed.

At the time Jonathan was father to little Jasmine who, as she approached her third birthday, wanted her Daddy to teach her to swim. Cassie recalls that this experience was not an unmitigated success as, without his glasses, her brother could only just make out a blurred shape bobbing around in the water.

Jonathan takes over the story explaining that, with the imminent arrival of his second child (Jonty born June 7th this year), he felt that it was time to finally listen to his “little sister”.

“With a prescription of -7.5, I really couldn’t see anything clearly without glasses.

“I am a sports nut and the opportunity to play football and of taking my young family swimming unaided was the key driver for me.”

So how was the experience at the London Vision Clinic?

“Amazing – simple as that!”