Zana Talks About The Advantages Of Having Laser Eye Surgery

“Obviously with the gym and the kind of work I do, you can start very, very early.  The day itself can be long and then if you want to go out afterwards, quite frankly to wear contact lenses during that length of time you can’t really, or if you do, you suffer by the end of the evening.

Now well, you don’t have to think about it at all.  Honestly, it’s just brilliant not needing the glasses, not needing the contact lenses at all.  The difference is in every area when you wake up in the morning and you can see.  I haven’t been able to do that in decades.  Not needing to worry about contact lenses later in the day, not worrying about solutions, not having to bring your glasses with you.  It’s very, very freeing, it’s brilliant, really just brilliant!

It is awesome being able to see things particularly when you wake up in the morning, everything is exceptionally clear, whereas it never obviously has been, at least not in the last 20 plus years.  Yes, I was swimming in the sea just about a week ago.  I was in the South of France and it is the first time in years I have been able to dive into water without worrying about losing the contact lenses or worrying about whether I’m going to see anything when I come out basically.

But the morning is probably the most amazing bit because I’ve never been able to get out of bed without the first thing you do is reaching for the glasses or reaching for the contact lenses.  So, I did find I was waking up much more awake in the sense of once I had woken up, I could see everything.  So, I was kind of okay then, it is definitely time to get up.  It’s been decades since I’ve had that, it’s yeah, it’s absolutely fantastic!  I ended up the glasses to charity.”

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Zana Donates Her Glasses To Africa Through The London Vision Clinic After Laser Eye Surgery

Nurse: So you won’t be needing those any more.

Zana:  No, I don’t, not at all.

Nurse: Excellent, you can donate them.

Zana: I would love to.

Nurse: They’ll go to Africa.

Zana: Fantastic yeah.  My contact lenses and my solution, it was such a relief, I have to be honest, to be able to throw them out.  I have to be honest, I did keep one lot just as a memento.  So, I’ve got one little case and one little thing of solution just to remind me about not needing them anymore, not carrying them round and they don’t take up bathroom space and it’s fabulous.

Doing yoga without glasses is so much easier, doing upside down positions where you can actually see the world upside down now without trying to work … you know to watch your glasses and stop them from falling off.

Obviously it is a 1000 times easier it’s just, it really is brilliant.  So not having to worry about anything like that with either the yoga or the training again, it’s so freeing.  It just makes your life so much easier and seeing the world when you’re upside down clearly it is kind of it’s a different experience isn’t it?  Yeah it’s much, much better.

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