Zana Morris Reflects On Her Experiences Of The Laser Eye Surgery Procedure

“I was really, really pleased I went with the London Vision Clinic, really, really pleased. The service and the back up was just incredible both before the surgery and all the testing and everything they did. During the surgery and around the day of the surgery there was incredible support and after it they really, really looked after you. Glenn Carp, the surgeon really kept an eye on you. You had his number to take with you to contact him should you be concerned in any shape or form, or should there be anything after the surgery. So you really, really felt in safe hands. I think anything else would have made me very nervous. It was nice to know you’re being looked after and for something like the eyes in particular it is something you would like to know you’re being looked after with and I really, really felt that.”

On The Day Of The Laser Eye Surgery Procedure

Glenn Carp: Basically we have a small bed which we get you to lie down on and the bed rotates so you don’t need to move around at all. You’re just going to get yourself nice and comfy and we’ll do all of the work for you. Very gently we’ll bring you away from the little blue light.

Zana Morris: Beforehand was a little bit nerve wracking. The surgery itself was incredibly fast. I think that surprised me the most it was over and I was okay … you know you felt that you were about to start.

Glenn Carp: See the little light there in front of you?

Zana Morris: Hmm mm.

Glenn Carp: The little light is going to get a little closer and as it gets much closer suddenly the little light is going to go nice and sharp.

Zana Morris: The surgeon now, Glenn Carp he was superb, he really was throughout the whole of the surgery he talked you through it step by step. So you really knew what was going to happen next and there was no surprises and nothing would happen that you weren’t expecting. There was absolutely no pain at all, which surprised me because I expected even just a little bit and it was exceptionally fast.

Glenn Carp: And once again we will place a little bit of tape on that eye just to help you keep it closed while we’re finishing off on the left eye.

Zana’s Reaction And Results After The Procedure

Zana Morris: And afterwards you can see! I mean it was, I know it sounds very obvious in retrospect but at the time you don’t expect to sit up and be able to suddenly see everything.

Glenn Carp: Okay that’s great you can open your eyes.

Zana Morris: Very cool! God yeah! Yes it’s great it’s stunning. The clock I can see no problem at all. Yeah everything I mean well the thing for me is faces actually as well. I mean I know that sounds funny but even this close would have made a difference before without the glasses.

Glenn Carp: Right, right of course, of course.

Zana Morris:It was a little bit foggy and that obviously cleared but you could still see everything clearly. I could see the time on the wall you know on the clock which before I wouldn’t have had a chance.

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