Laser eye treatments for over 50’s

ready for laser eye surgery

Over the last two decades, Laser Eye Surgery has come on leaps and bounds to reach a point where effective vision correction treatments are nearly available for people of all ages and prescriptions.

In the past, this standard of care was only available to specific cohorts of patients, with those over a certain age or with less common conditions ineligible for treatment. This was understandable as the technology was still in its infancy, but today, after years of advancing laser and safety systems, the chances of being a suitable candidate for a laser eye treatment is as high as 96 percent.

The over 50’s are a demographic which laser eye treatments have significantly become more accessible. It has long been thought — and still is by many — that Laser Eye Surgery isn’t an option for treating the complex issues caused by ageing eyes. Presbyopia, in which the natural lens in the eye loses its flexibility and causes difficulty seeing objects up close, is the most common of these issues. It affects everyone as it is a natural ageing process; it typically sets in between the ages of 40 and 60. For many people, presbyopia is simply their cue that it’s time they need reading glasses.

Due to the inconvenience of glasses and the cosmetic disadvantage, this cue can largely go ignored. This single factor is a major player in deteriorating eyesight, as the key to maintaining healthy and high-quality vision is spotting problems early and taking the appropriate course of action. Thanks to new laser eye treatments, presbyopia and deteriorating near vision is no longer a cue you need to ignore, but rather a sign that it’s time to restore your youthful vision.

Laser eye treatment options for presbyopia

The arrival of a safe and effective presbyopia treatment was long overdue. Aside from reading glasses, there were other treatments for presbyopia including monovision, intra-ocular lenses (IOLs), and refractive lens exchange (RLE). These methods provide relief for some patients, but as they involve implanting artificial lenses inside the eye they can cause a number of complications either at the point of surgery or following treatment.

The revolutionary new laser eye treatment, PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision, can temporarily halt the effects of ageing on the eye and improve its ability to zoom from distance to near vision and back — without the risks of artificial lenses and the inconveniences of glasses. Since its introduction in 2004, thousands of patients have benefited from PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision and regained high-quality vision:

  • Over 98% of PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision patients can read normal newsprint (‘N8’).
  • Over 90% of PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision patients can read the small print on medicine bottle inserts.

As well as being a more natural approach to correcting presbyopia, PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision is significantly less invasive, safer, and much easier to adapt to than other methods of vision correction. It is, therefore, an option for a much larger group of patients and offers a significantly greater chance of more years of clear and complication-free vision.

It’s very likely you’ll be suitable for laser eye treatment to correct your presbyopia. Even if you have eye problems such as glaucoma, cataracts, or dry eyes, some specialist clinics may be able to treat you. The only way to really know is to find a clinic that has the technology, experience, and expertise to offer such treatments and book a consultation.

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