Less Than Six Degrees Of Separation

I have long believed in the “Six degrees of separation” theory, sometimes referred to as the “Human Web”. It refers to the idea that everyone is at most six steps away from any other person in the world. In other words, the chain of discovering a “friend of a friend” can be made to connect any two people in six steps or fewer. Of course finding those steps can be tricky, but they are apparently always there if we delve deep enough to discover them.

No delving was necessary on the boat on the Amazon in summer 2009.

Enjoying the result of her Laser Eye Surgery, Jan was reading on deck when another passenger asked her why she didn’t need reading glasses.

Jan explained that she had “New Eyes” and began to rave about the procedure she had had to correct her presbyopia. It was when she happened to mention the famous jar of discarded glasses, that another traveller, who had overheard the conversation, became especially interested.

In an American accent he asked whether the laser eye clinic in question happened to be the London Vision Clinic.

Jan’s fellow traveller, Doug, had also chosen to have his eye sight corrected by the London Vision Clinic team, travelling from his Los Angeles home for the procedure.

I understand that a reunion might be happening this month at the 606 Club after Doug’s next check up (www.606club.co.uk). Dr Dan and his sax will be contributing to the jazz in Chelsea… with no distant reminders of the haunting melodies of the Inca panpipes.